End of Month – June 2015

Phew, it’s hot. Far too hot. I spent the morning in a nice air con office and my mind played tricks on me and I believed it wasn’t too hot outside… I was wrong; my car was very helpful and informed me it was 33C. I left at 1 as our office closes then and I had the brilliant idea that I didn’t want to remain in the office for the afternoon. Now I’m regretting that and almost wish I had stayed at work.

The forecast thunder shower arrived, rumbled a little, rained for 2 minutes and we’re back to baking hot sun. No discernable drop in temperature at all.

I think I need to tidy some of the garden i.e. the forget-me-not and Alliums. And fill the newly bare spaces with some of the plants I’ve grown. I had bought some Cosmos, but two of them have suddenly died?? I don’t understand. I almost think it was the heat, but we’ve had heat like this before and never a problem.

Now the Oriental Poppy has gone over there’s some tidying needed in the front garden, thankfully though not much and should only take a few minutes.

The right border is still going strong, this also needs some tidying toward the ‘bottom’ of the border and now the Alliums have gone there are gaps opening up and I plan to add some Tahonia, Zinnia and Salvias I’ve grown from seed.

As I mentioned in the vase on a Monday post, the white Lupin has been even more amazing this year. I’ve already had around 8/9 blooms in vases indoors and look how many blooms there still are on the plant. In awe.

It’s still early for the Aster border, which only really comes to life in mid-late summer. However hidden behind there are poppies and some salvia. The Sanguisorba is now in flower too, and yet again flopping across the path and hiding the colour behind it. I plan to add some California poppy seedlings in there some time once it cools down and rain is forecast.

Astrantia on the tier is also having a very good year; I’ll have to make sure I cut it back hard this year as my usual removal of the bloom stems hasn’t worked previously. So hopefully I’ll have more flowers later in the year.

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