In a Vase on Monday

I’m joining Cathy again in her Monday vase post… Hopefully I have enough to keep going for a few weeks at least until spring begins in earnest.

This week we have Iris reticulata, these bulbs I bought purposefully for my small milk bottle vases. I have some Crocus just opening too and then some Narcissi and Tulips all bought with the sole purpose of vases. I haven’t planted them, not even in pots because I just know if they’re in the ground or pots there’s no way I’ll cut them. It’ll seem too much like a shame.

Iris Reticulata

Iris Reticulata

Here you can see the trio actually included some Tulips from a different bouquet… At that point I didn’t have enough Iris up to cut, but in later weeks all three vases are filled with pretty little Irises.

Iris Reticulata and Tulips

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