Ok, so not so exciting for anyone else, but it’s certainly made my week!

We’ve recently been getting a lone Green finch on the feeder, and until yesterday I hadn’t realised that it was actually a female and not a male!

Yesterday she brought with her at least 4 others, possibly more, so looks like I’m running out for some larger feeders!

Hehehe, no wonder I was thinking they looked a bit boring, I just hadn’t seen the males. And they’re lovely. I do hope they visit regularly. So far I’ve seen her at least 3 times a day, and that’s just in the evening when I get home [:

I’ve never had Green Finches, anywhere. Completely new to me, so it’s nice to finally have an unknown bird.

Photos to follow another time, once I finally have the internet at home and can upload the millions of photos I’ve been taking.


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