Sighting #3

I saw Mr/s Foxy again yesterday!

Only this time it was far more exciting than before… This time it was in daylight [:

Well, as much daylight as 9pm on a very gloomy and stormy evening allows. Apparently s/he had something in their mouth, I rush for the camera, turned it on, zoomed in and pressed to focus… Only I had manual focus on!!!!

Arrrghhhhhhh, so I missed the shot, as by the time I’d switched to automatic, it’d gone.


I hope it wasn’t a baby bird.

It gives me hope of youngsters though if they were active so early. Considering I’ve never seen them once since I’ve moved there have been a lot of sightings over the last few days. This time my boyfriend and brother got to see it too (they probably thought I was making it up)


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