Beautiful Day

Well, today has been fantastic.

I was woken around 6:30 by the sun shining through our curtains, it’s amazing how it instantly puts you in a good mood – yesterday was ok too, but nothing like today.

By 10am you could tell it was going to be a scorcher.

Most of the day was spent in the garden, trimming hedge and such, my parents came round to survey the water damage and to lend us dad’s ladders.

I wish I’d gone to the botanical gardens as originally planned. They had a plant sale on but as I’d already bought some on Saturday I decided not to. I imagine it would’ve been jam-packed and beautiful.

The ice cream man came around 6pm, perfect weather for one so we sat out on the grass 🙂

Bullfinch sightings:

5 (I suspect he was here more as I did spend a good couple of hours indoors around midday and entertaining the ‘rents.)


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