I had a nice little visitor a few days ago, it was a bit dull… Sorry:

So far today I’ve had:
Blue tit
Great tit
Coal tit

No Green finch though, which is odd.

Last weekend I bought myself an Orchid and as we also got some sun I decided to get to know it a bit better:


3 thoughts on “Wren

  1. Liz, I love your Orchid already, as you must also, I think. As I’m lounging in a hotel room, at the moment, I think I saw a Wren in a boat, this morning! Yep.well, I think it was a Wren, first sitting on top of the mast then sailing down to the boat down below. It was the right size and colour. just picked up my binoculars and then was too late. off course..Lumix is here, but although I am sitting right above the harbour, and saw the Wren down here, at my feet literally, it was still too far off for a picture.back home tomorrow again. see if the house is still alive.

  2. Thanks Tricia 🙂 I hope it become a regular as it’s twice I’ve seen it before work in the past couple of weeks or so… I’m sure it comes regularly but I just don’t see it creeping around!Thanks Yoke! I’ve always wanted one of these white and pink ones, but held off as they’re ten a penny these days. Last Christmas I bought myself a more unusual Orchid, which I quickly killed!I left it alone and it’s now sending out new stems, 3 in total so I expect some flowers on that within the next few weeks *yay*Very interesting to hear you saw a Wren in a boat! Although I guess it’d be a good place to find spiders/flies.Ah – you stay away from your house over Hallowe’en, is that right?? Gawd, how bad is that? Having to spend a few nights in a hotel because your house gets attacked?? Shocking.I was nervous about leaving ours empty last night as I don’t know the area very well yet. I had gone to see the nephew so didn’t get home until around 8pm. Was fine, didn’t see a single kid around.

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