Sorry, I have very little to report back on…

Last week was so dark, gloomy and drizzly that I never had the opportunity to do anything.

I’m off for the next week, so have plans. Planting the rest of the bulbs is top priority for me, then I need to do some tidying, going to cut back the sweet peas so I don’t end up creating a nursery for slugs/snails to hide out in.

I’m at a loss what to do, I need to turn the soil and get grit in there to help with drainage and breaking up the clay but at the same time I have perennials planted… What do I do?

And now for a photo of me as a child, no reason. Just because.


4 thoughts on “Gloom

  1. Aaww, what a lovely post, Liz. I cannot help you on the gardening part, only tell you that those bulbs will bring colour, even if you have to wait till spring. Thought about planting some Autumn Crocus? sorry that is the only name I can remember, but we had loads in Riverside, underneath a hedge, and it would lift my spirit everytime. Perfect for this month when it is all on the way down. Love you as a kid. I’m sure you’re still as cute and have not changed a bit, as they would say, lol!

  2. Thanks Yoke :)I half managed to get some bulbs planted, ended up at a loss where to put the rest so gave up – for now!I’ve never had any Autumn Crocus, I have to admit – strange considering I always have loooads of spring flowering Crocus!All children are cute! And of course, I haven’t changed in the slightest 😀

  3. Liz, Happy Birthday!No wonder you were stuck in the Gloom for a bit. And perhaps this made you look at old photographs also? Never mind what was past, Liz; you are as beautiful as ever; you have a ‘new’ garden to create, an old house to make new again and keep us up to date in the spare minutes.

  4. Thank you Yoke :)Yes, it’s all going to be a lot of work, that’s for sure! I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever manage it all, but then realise I plan on staying for a while and things will take time to grow into what I want.The starting steps are for more privacy, the Jasmine and Passionflower should see to this issue quickly for me. Then the rose shrub and firethorn will be right behind it and I imagine by 2010 things should be looking very different!

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