So the snow came…

It was quite good actually, although I do feel we should’ve been sent home from work as when I got home and discovered just how deep it was I was rather angry they hadn’t bothered.

I set off at 4, rather than working late as I should’ve, I didn’t want to risk it and was so glad I did.

The kids were out for a short while having a bit of a fight, at first they were a fairly large group of around 5/6, threw some at me as you’d expect and missed. They dispersed out to 2/3 and made a snowman. This was dutifully rolled around the street, then down off onto a joining road and then I lost sight of it.

Here is was very deep, well deeper than I’ve seen since I was little. We did have a good show around 5 or so years ago, but I do think this was deeper.

Some shots from last night:

I threw out a lot of sunflower hearts for the birds last night, and then this morning had the ground feeder inside keeping out of the snow and filled it with some more after brushing away a lot of the ice snow off the pots and plants.

This morning I decided to go onto the main road, hang around for 10 minutes or so and if a bus didn’t arrive then I’d set off home.
Sadly one did arrive within a few minutes, but everything was pretty much crawling and I was very glad I’d put my wellies on.

It’s sunny at the moment, hopefully it’ll melt a fair portion of the snow, as I don’t want it to damage the plants, nor do I want to walk home on ice.


4 thoughts on “Schnow!

  1. It’s great for a few days isn’t it – just a few ;-)Enjoy your snowmen, I never like being out on the roads at this time of year after being caught a number of years. Bad skid on the motorway towards lorries. Survived but even after the police skid correction course a few months later didn’t feel any better about being on the road. I do try to ‘man up’ and get out there! Stay safe 😀

  2. Hi LIz…..thank you for dropping by my blog. I found the snow beautiful at first, but after several days I tired of it…..I like to see my garden, not a white sheet……

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