Spring at Last

Woo hoo!

I had a lovely surprise Friday evening, I went out to check on the plants I put in the new pots last weekend, then made my way along the pots with the bulbs in to discover Iris had suddenly exploded in two of the pots!

I’m amazed how quickly they popped up!

I was so excited when I saw them, probably better than Christmas, hehehe.

When I looked on Sunday there was no sign of them coming into flower, there were the leaves, but nothing else. Crocuses were almost out too, some of the Prinz Claaus were obvious but that was it.

I could’ve sworn I checked during the week too… Obviously not.

So, anyone care to guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? 😀

I have Monday off… Pretty much due to it being William’s Christening on Sunday, and it’s going to pretty much eat up my whole day. So that’s going to be exciting… I really wish I could say I’m looking forward to going to it, but sadly I’m not.

Double woo hoo, this morning when I was waiting for the sun to come round into the garden so I could take photos of the Iris/Crocus, I also discovered a snowdrop! I hadn’t even realised I’d planted any in the front bed… Obviously I did 😀

I also did some work in the garden today, although not much… I’m holding back until I sort the new fence out.

Finally cut the roses back, I cut some last week as I noticed some new growth on them. I did the tea roses out front, I’m just unsure how I’m supposed to trim the shrub roses though??


4 thoughts on “Spring at Last

  1. Lovely photographs……beautiful images….I have crocus envy, I cannot grow them here due to rabbits….I planted when I moved here and they ate them as soon as they bloomed….I gave up in the end……Ref shrub roses…I just cut out any dead wood, and any branches that are crossing each other…apart from dead heading I leave them alone…..

  2. Paul – Thank you, I’m glad you like them :)Cheryl – Sorry to hear about your Rabbit problem! Have you tried growing some indoor in pots, at least then you can enjoy some :)Thank you for your help on shrub roses, I always find it difficult deciding on which to cut out and eventually get annoyed at myself for taking it so seriously and just chop some out!MacGardens – Thank you for the compliments, yes the photo at the bottom is mine, it was one of many Nigella I had in the garden last summer 🙂

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