LTT’s and Blossom

This weekend has been quite interesting, mainly because of the crazy weather today. Blinding sunshine, closely followed by teeming rain intermittently and then onto Hail around an hour ago and now we’re back to sunshine.

It is rather chilly outside though, I’d assumed it would be ok to go for a potter around the garden checking on the Daffodils – well I soon changed my mind on that one and scurried back inside 😀

On Saturday I had noticed some LTT’s visiting, nothing too exciting as they do visit from time to time, only I then saw them another three times within the hour and today I’ve seen then numerous times. So that’s very exciting and I hope they’re nesting in the area – even more exciting if they were different pairs visiting!

(very tough taking photos, with the bright sun and dark background. The Blossom is a little bit over exposed unfortunately)

And now onto the blossom photos I didn’t post last week, this crazy tree has been flowering since at least October but more recently there are far more flowers…


5 thoughts on “LTT’s and Blossom

  1. Lovely photos Liz, we get LTTs occasionally but I haven’t managed to get a photo yet. Are you sure you didn’t sneak into my garden to photograph that blossom!!

  2. Thanks :)Photos are rarely any good of the birds because the feeder is just so far away, once the new fence is in then I’m going to put one nearer the house too – but don’t have too many hopes for it being as popular…lol- do you know what type of blossom it is? I didn’t plant the tree and I’m pretty sure when we were looking round the house it had a tag on it, but by the time we finally moved in the tag wasn’t there any more and I’d like to get an idea of how big it’s supposed to grow to…

  3. Hi again Liz,If it’s the same as ours (and I’m sure it is) it’s Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’. It flowers gradually from mid-Autumn to early Spring and is categorised as small (up to 10 metres in 20-25 years). If it is grafted, as ours is, then it will be even smaller. Hope this helps.

  4. Ah, cool!! Thanks for letting me know which Cherry it is. Well, I guess that’ll explain why it’s been flowering for so long :DIt is grafted, yes and so far it’s probably around 7/8foot tall. I just need it to bulk out a bit, and I think I need to cut it a little bit as it’s growing mainly on the one side…Pete – Yes you do spy Bullfinch, they’re regulars here. Apart from going a little bit AWOL for a couple of months (Oct – Dec) they’re back again and I generally see them daily – more so on the weekends when I can watch the garden more 🙂

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