Sprawk is back!

I haven’t seen the Sparrow Hawk since September/October??

Well, this evening I was sat poised with the camera waiting for the birds to visit the feeder. Everything had gone quiet and just one female BB was hanging around by the shrubs, she then decided to start attacking the fence, I assume she’d seen a yummy bug, then something swoops into the garden, swerves and out again towards the massive pear trees…

My brain finally clicks and realise it must’ve been a Sparrow hawk and Mrs BB was desperately trying to get through the fence to safety.

Camera is aimed towards the tree to try to get a positive ID, but I couldn’t see it. A few seconds later Magpies fly in to obviously make the Sprawk move on.

Well, that’ll explain why things had got quiet and Mrs BB had remained pretty much stock still for almost 10 minutes!

I believe it left empty handed because there wasn’t anything on the feeders or in the cherry tree.

Hmmm I also wonder if it’s a regular around 5 pm, because the same happened yesterday when I was sat waiting for the birds.


6 thoughts on “Sprawk is back!

  1. Hi Liz,You have me worried now! I haven’t seen the Sparrowhawk in our garden since around last October and although it is a beautiful and impressive creature I was hoping it had gone for good but if yours is back then maybe mine will be too…oh dear!!

  2. Exactly, I’m the same it’s an impressive wonderful bird… I’d just rather they didn’t eat garden birds! :DAlthough I’ve never actually seen it catch anything, I’m not sure quite exactly how I’d feel if I was to witness it catching/eating one of the birds…To think I was wondering last weekend where the second to the pair of Collared Doves had gone. But I was informed the other may be sitting on the nest, perhaps this is the case. Plus my pair of LTT’s has been a single, the last couple of days – but then I’ve only seen them briefly after/before work, so couldn’t say for sure.Very worrying if my LTT’s have already become a single… Not so much of a worry as I know there are lots in the area in general anyway.

  3. Well I suppose it’s spring and the Sparrowhawk has to get its strength up for breeding too. But it’s not always nice to witness in your back garden though.

  4. I’m sorry to hear s/he is back, Liz. Ive still never seen one, Eire is very low on BOP, and in this SW corner I still have to see any BOP! I hope it will soon be occupied again with courting. (but won’t pick on your young birds to feed their chicks.)

  5. Tricia – Indeed, I imagine they’re getting ready to produce chicks too, just like the garden birds are.Yoke – It’s never been a regular visitor as far as I know, and this is only the fourth time I think I’ve seen it, so hopefully it’s not really something to be too concerned about. The area around is open enough for the birds to have a good chance of seeing its swooping down (shame it was successful with catching a Bullie last year though)

  6. Hi Liz….tks for dropping by my blog. I must say I love to see the sparrowhawk in the garden. For me they are a godsend, as the female will often take a pigeon from our rooftop……I have often watched her eat her kill because the catch is too large to carry away. She does eventually take it, when the weight is less…..They, of course have to eat, and blue tits and sparrows of course are their favourite….sad but all part of the circle of life…..

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