Garden Update

Time for some flower photos, I’m afraid!

I’ve been lazy recently, ok so I’ve been taking photos just not had the inclination to crop and sort them yet, but here goes:


Shasta Daisy (I think, my neighbour gave it me so I’m not 100% sure)
Meadow Rue
Daffodil – silver chimes
Anenome – I think?? Some bulbs I planted, never had before.
Willow blossom


10 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Hi, Great photos again. Like Shysongbird, my favourite was the Forget-Me-Not, which I did a posting on recently too. Nice to see some of your garden plants too. Interesting about your Bullfinches by the way, thanks for that.Have a good easter

  2. Thanks SSB, I’m glad you like them :)I like how the Daffodils look to the camera, they look far more white then in real life – more of a yellowy colour. As I don’t like yellow they are a bit disappointing, but I could grow to love them! Hahaha. I’m not one for Daffodils, and these are the first ones I’ve planted, unsure whether I’ll get more but they are multi-headed which at least makes it more worthwhile than the singles!Joe – Thanks! I have a few different Forget-Me-Not in the garden, this one, another much smaller one with teeny tiny flowers on it which must’ve been planted by the previous owner and self seeded all over the garden! And another, called Siberian Bugloss, with forget-me-not like flowers. I’m still trying to find the type my parents used to have when I was a child, it had the same rounded thin leaves as the tiny one, but the flowers were not as small.I hope you both have a relaxing and happy Easter! I know I will be, with a week off. It’s been a long hard slog since Christmas…

  3. Liz – lovely flowers. I agree about daffodils. Although I have many in my garden they are, in the main, the more interesting ones! But I do like the cheery yellow that brightens a dull today – as they do today!!Enjoy your week 🙂

  4. Pete – Thanks, I love spring for this very reason, just watching the plants grow seemingly overnight is amazing.Thanks Tricia, I’ve noticed today that most of my daffodils up at the top of the garden have been eaten, I wonder if the slugs got them? I didn’t think slugs usually went for Daffs – and most of them down at the bottom are fine.Very strange, I wonder if fox is eating them? Nah.Thank you for confirming my plant is a Shasta Daisy, so glad! Saves me having to buy some as I’d planned. My neighbour’s son gave me a huge chunk and I divided it so I’m looking forward to them flowering in the coming months 🙂

  5. Liz – you may find that birds are eating your plants as well. I’ve got the new growth of a large clump of Sedums coming up and had noticed Feral Pigeons around the area. I thought they must have found seeds of some sort but NO! they have eaten all the leaves of the Sedum and the flower head too.Some of my daffodil flowers are also being eaten from the outer edges inwards – slugs? birds?

  6. Perhaps you’re right Tricia, I didn’t notice any slug/snail trail around the daffs, and it’s only the flowers being eaten??All the daffs down near the house are fine, I have them in pots on the wall, then down the side of the house next to the path and also in the front. Only those up near the feeding station have been eaten. Two have survived, but still a disappointment as they did liven it up somewhat up there as it’s still very brown!

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