Sunday Evenings…

Why are Sunday evenings so bad?? I hate them with a passion as you seem to spend from 5/6pm onwards getting more and more depressed as that Monday feeling begins to kick in as you dread getting up and joining the rat race yet again.

So sorry, I have a lot of images to get up on here, I’ve been lazy with the blog so they’re seriously building up now, not to mention the photos I took today (in between rain showers) as part of the bloom day…

Tulip ‘little beauty’

Dicentra ‘King of Hearts’ is certainly one of my favourites, has a massively long flowering period and will continue will into August or later, just amazing!
Clematis ‘Willy’, has had a new lease of life since I planted it last year… Quite why it’s sold as being great for pots I know not as it’s now far happier
Weigela was here when we arrived… Although pretty I’m not entirely sure if I like it, it seems rather leggy with little foliage… We’ll see how things go over the coming years.
Sea Thrift is so magical, and loves to grow pretty much anywhere.
Russian Dwarf Almond was an amazing find in a garden centre… Hidden at the back, I had to fight my way through Pyracantha and others to get to it, I couldn’t believe why they had shoved it to the back like that…

I’m off on Holiday tomorrow! Woo hoo.

Off to Norfolk for some serious birding/walking… Although the latter activity may be somewhat hampered by my mum having cellulitis in her legs, she’s unable to walk too far so I may have to go easy on her. Shame, just the slightest knock caused it to flare up again as it never completely went away.

I’m hoping to go to a Falconry in the area, should be a fantastic experience as I’ve never done it before…


8 thoughts on “Sunday Evenings…

  1. Lovely pictures Liz – I always enjoy the “softness” that your macro shots have.Off to Nofolk eh! Lucky you. I love going up there; enjoy and have some great birding!Hope your Mum’s OK and enjoys her hols too. 🙂

  2. Tricia – Thank you for the lovely compliment, as you can probably guess I am very much a fan of narrow depths of field :)I had a lovely time in Norfolk thanks, mum was ok as her legs weren’t as bad as I had feared. We did lots of walking, and discovered lots of lovely new places and will be going back next year!

  3. SS – Indeed, there’s lots happening in my garden and when I got home from my holiday they were like a jungle!! I couldn’t believe how much the grass and weeds had grown. Apparently we’ve had a fair bit of rain up here over the past 5 days… Boy can I tell hehehehe.Mum had a wonderful time, thanks. It was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We’ve already booked for the same time next year!! Hahaha, rather keen…

  4. Joe – Thanks, Sunday’s really depress me. I’d much rather have Monday off than Friday, so then at least you can spend the day in a fantastic mood!

  5. Pete – thanks! We had a wonderful time, lots of new things to see and makes a massive change to Scotland and the poor weather we’ve had for the past few years. The weather in Norfolk was fantastic and we barely had any of the rain we were forcast so lots of walking, bird spotting and cups of tea 🙂

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