Garden Catch Up

I’ve been getting behind on posting images of my garden – other things pop up for me to talk about instead!

So beware, there will be a fair few to follow, including a lot of images in this blog alone! Whoops he he he.

The following photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when it was raining heavily mixed with hot sun – it looked like the summer house and upper tier of the garden were on fire again as the rain was burnt away.

Herb Robert, I’ve waited for one to self seed for ages and I found one hitching a ride with a Chive in a pot that had been lost under a Clematis and Elder, so a very nice surprise to see it 🙂

Long grass… Sometimes I’m speechless how quickly it grows!
Water drop on Aquilegia
The same Aquilegia, it’s exploded this year! I have had it cooped up in a pot for years, it was planted last year and barely did anything but this year it’s at least trebled in size. Stunning!
Allium, I’m in love… I hadn’t bothered getting any more Alliums last Autumn, but since this beauty has been out I’ve rediscovered my love and these are the only two that have survived – either the snow or the Foxes, I don’t know, but the rest all seem to have disappeared!
A little fly on the Lliatris leaves sunning itself to warm up again after the rain.
Yarrow head (I think??) it was simply marked as ‘cottage plant’ but I’m pretty sure I recognise it from my pink Yarrow last year.
A Carder Bee on the American Wistera, the flowers have pretty much died whilst I was away as pete didn’t water it… Shame.
Raspberry flower buds, it’s now in flower, sadly it hasn’t done much, so I expect a minimal crop… Oh well, it’s only the first year I’ve ever had them, so don’t really expect much this year.
This little flower was in some hanging baskets when we moved in… Only I can never remember its name, but it’s self seeded pretty much everywhere!
A Geranium bought last year from Wilkos for 80p, reduced as it was half dead and the end of the season, so I’ve waited almost a year to find out what it would look like, as again the pot simply said ‘Geranium Variety’ hmmm, thanks, that’s very helpful Wilko!!
Dicentra, it’s coming to the end now, and has been rather damaged by the rain so this year it didn’t put out such a good show unfortunately…
I hope you enjoyed the shortish tour around the garden, not a great deal has changed since these photos, I’m still waiting for everything to pop, especially the seedlings I have growing, some have been planted and I’m waiting for them to flower:

Poppy (various varieties)
Verbena (various Varieties)
Sea Holly

I still have plenty more that have been potted up and coming along nicely…


8 thoughts on “Garden Catch Up

  1. Lots going on in your garden Liz and some lovely photos too. I thought the Aquilegia with the water drops was particularly lovely.What a shame about the American Wisteria, I suspect Pete wasn’t too popular! It sounds like you have lots of lovely things still to come, watch out for the slugs and snails, they are a pain here!

  2. Hi there Liz :-)Beautiful photos, I too loved the water on the bonnet ;-)I love the alliums too, just can’t imagine the garden without them now. Thanks, timely reminder for me on the wisteria. Sorry to hear about yours, I should get out and water mine as the flowers are about to open and it’s been really warm here these last few days.Thanks, I enjoyed the tour of your garden. My recent posting on a Garden Show visit has a couple of photos that might be of interest to you 😀

  3. these photos are AWESOME. what are you using Liz? The alliums are magic.. i adore the effect. Also.. any chance I can ‘borrow’ the bee photo for an article i’m writing.. on bees? its so lovely.. will credit you etc. (let me know.. email me!!)

  4. Hi Jan, I wish there was a lot going on, but sadly it never seems to appear that way when I look out into the garden.. I suppose this is a Gardener's curse – always thinking about the next job!Yes, indeed I wasn't too impressed with the flowers being dead. I had at first assumed they just didn't last long, but eventually I realised that actually they were all dried up, rather than spent…The slugs and snails haven't yet been too much of a problem. I'm having a far greater battle with the aphids though!

  5. Shirl – I look forward to photos of your Wisteria :)It's been very hot here for the past couple of weeks, with no rain at all so the plants are suffering a fair bit. Today was finally cool and I just know in three days time I'll be moaning again that I want the sun back!Thanks for the heads up on your blog, I'll check out a garden centre soon for pond ideas 🙂

  6. Emma, thank you so much for the compliment :)The photos were all taken using my macro lens and a very narrow dof – I rarely ever use anything larger than 2.8!Sure you can use the Bee photo, I have quite a few more I could sort through for you if you wish?

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