Garden Birds

Over the weekend I got some shots of the birds visiting and as usual the Greenfinch were incredibly difficult to get and the tits never showed – I don’t know why this always happens, they just don’t come when I’m hiding in the summer house. I had hoped to have the Blue/Great tit fledglings but they must obviously know when you’re around – although they’ve been more than happy to come down to the feeders when I’m a similar distance away at the veggie planter.

I’ll try again next week and hope for the best.

I put up a reed screen that I’d bought to put on the fence for some added privacy, and it seems to help calm the birds a lot because they can only see a small amount of me.


Juvenile Sparrow
Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Sparrows
Juvenile Sparrow
Male Sparrow
Juvenile Goldfinch, I think this one has been out of the nest for a while as it already has some of the red feathers coming through on the top of its head.
I did have one baby that had obviously only just fledged as it was ending up anywhere but on the feeders, cute to watch but worrying in case a cat should see it fluttering around unsteadily.
Greenfinch are a nightmare to photograph, just the click of the shutter scares them away, I’ve practically given up trying!
Wet Sparrow, I assume it had just been bathing 🙂

I think my lovely Clematis ‘blue eyes’ is suffering Clematis wilt, some of the flowers have suddenly gone droopy. Not all of them though, it’s rather strange. It can’t be due to lack of water as we had heavy rain yesterday again. I’ll see what tomorrow brings, perhaps a slug/snail has eaten through the stem?? I’ll have to check more closely tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Garden Birds

  1. You've got plenty of birds there at your feeders, love the shot of the Goldfinch. Noticed one or two of our flowers drooping a little, maybe just too much rain, trees are doing well though.

  2. Paul – Thanks for checking out my blog :)I think perhaps it is the sheer volume of rain we've been having in very short spaces of time, even with a little hail mixed in.My scabious are all over too, one minute fine the next drooping – I can't figure them out!

  3. Tricia – Thanks :DBirds always know when you've just focussed and are about to press the shutter button, very annoying!I'm determined to finally get one of the tits, they're here very often and yet I've never once caught one when in the summer house!!!

  4. Lots of lovely photos of 'your' youngsters Liz, my goodness I don't know about you but they are eating me out of house and home! So many times I have a bird posing beautifully and just as I press the shutter it goes! It is so frustrating!

  5. SS – Yep they're eating everything in sight. I've ran out of sunflower hearts! We've had to make a special trip and buy lots of little bags until we can get hold of one of the large sacks I usually get.It's probably not helped by the pigeons/doves deciding to hang on the feeders – I have to chase them off, luckily they fly as soon as they see me but it still means I have to check regularly.

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