I’ve been tagged by Emma at Orchard Studio!

What’s your favourite colour?
In general I go for cool colours, I’m not a fan of yellow/orange or red, but will have them in the garden if they are especially good for wildlife.

What’s your favourite clothing in your wardrobe?
Oooh, this is tough, I don’t think I have a favourite… Is that sad? I’m not big on clothing, my style is generally relaxed/surfer type, kind of, almost! Ha ha.

What’s your dream job?
Wildlife conservationist, but since I don’t have the degree/A-Levels needed it’s very much a dream.

What’s the last thing you bought?
Some biscuits for father’s day tomorrow. Personal – shopping spree in Norwich, handbag, purse, hand cream, books.

What are you listening to right now?
Tv, Eurosport is on… Some sort of athletics somewhere…

What’s your favourite ice-cream?

What’s your favourite fruit?
Not a massive fan of fruit, I usually blend them up to make them go down better. But I do love the flavour of strawberry.
What inspires you?
Life, beauty, wildlife

What’s on the walls of your bedroom?
Some of my own prints bought off deviantART, as well as other member’s prints I’ve bought.

Who is your favourite designer?
Piet Oudolf for gardens… Otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue if you mean clothes.

Do you admire anyone’s style?
Piet Oudolf, I love his ‘natural’ style, I’ve got a long way to go before I’m even close to his but I’ll get there as I gain experience!

Describe your personal style?
As mentioned above, I generally live in surfer type clothes and usually buy from fat face, I also have uninteresting clothes for work. I like modern design and would love to be able to pull off antique styles – rose patterns and such. The house is generally clean colours, so creams, whites with nice Edwardian coloured accent walls of calm greens and such.

What language would you like to learn?
Portuguese because my boyfriend is, only he’s so Portuguese that he’s actually rather poor at speaking it and even worse at teaching it. I can read it fairly well as it’s similar to French in some aspects, but speaking is a whole other story.

What is your favourite quote?
I don’t live by quotes, sorry. Perhaps I should use my little signature on my blog :Doesn’t like reality: – I don’t.

What is your favourite magazine?
I’m not a big reader of magazines or newspapers. But I do like gardens illustrated (plan to subscribe) and used to buy lots of design mags at uni but eventually gave up.

If you had £100 what would you spend it on?
Oooh, it’s a tough choice, I could do with some new clothes, but I think I’d end up spending it on the garden. Some new chairs/table would be good.

What is your current obsession?
Photography, gardening, birds, photography, birds, photography… Get the idea?

What are you wearing today?
Yoga trousers, layered tops – long sleeve with short sleeve tank top on top. Then gardening jumper on top of that as it was a bit dull this morning, but it’s lovely now and quite windy.

What’s for dinner?
Pete bought some Chinese… So looks like I’m having Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice, shame he didn’t get the real stuff from the Chinese supermarket… I guess Marks and Sparks know how to cook it properly……..

What would you eat for your last meal?
Satay chicken.

What do you think of the person who tagged you?
A great photographer, designer with great style – something I wish I had.

If you could have a house furnished and paid for anywhere in the world what/where would it be?
Hmm, I’d love to live in the Cairngorms, perhaps in my own little castle with turret. Or a lovely Georgian house somewhere.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour where would it be?
Lisbon – because I’ve never been.

What are you going to do after this?
Cook dinner!

What are your favourite movies?
The Departed, Working Girl, Bourne trilogy, and Aliens.

What are your favourite books?
To Kill a Mocking Bird, Pride and Prejudice, The Book Thief, Piet Oudolf books.

Do you collect something?
Not particularly, I seem to be collecting cameras, we used to have a fair few pets but now we’re down to three.

What is the most important rule for life?
Look around you, look at the small things – there’s just so much more to life beyond money, the television and the computer.


10 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. Wiw. I think we are getting a nice peek into Liz, the person behind Gwirrel's garden, with this interview. wonder how we, your readers, would answer it! nice to treat yourself to a new handbag. I'm still using one I made out of my (£5. Indian batik) wedding dress.(skirt) Top got changed into a jacket. Found your photos at DeviantArt. Lovely album.

  2. Wiw. I think we are getting a nice peek into Liz, the person behind Gwirrel's garden, with this interview. wonder how we, your readers, would answer it! nice to treat yourself to a new handbag. I'm still using one I made out of my (£5. Indian batik) wedding dress.(skirt) Top got changed into a jacket. Found your photos at DeviantArt. Lovely album.

  3. Hi Liz, I just found the comment you left on my blog about the Wisteria. How nice of you to think of me, I really do think that is very kind of you and I shall definitely order it tomorrow. I had fully intended to go to B&Q when you posted about it weeks ago but you know how it is, these things get postponed and then you never quite get round to it :)By the way, congratulations (I think!!) on getting tagged, You are braver than me, I find that sort of thing terrifying! I was given a blog award recently and it sent me into a state of panic 😉 !! I didn't want to offend the person who gave it to me as he seems a really nice chap, so in the end I thanked him for it but left it at that, apparently if you accept it you are supposed to nominate seven others to receive it but that is too much like those chain letters that used to do the rounds when I was at school for my liking! Oh dear I hope this isn't making me sound crotchety, maybe I should stop waffling now :)Anyway, thanks again for thinking of me Liz, I am looking forward to ordering my Wisteria tomorrow, it certainly is a very reasonable price.

  4. Yoke – if you would like to fill in the questions yourself, feel free :)I wanted a nice bag I could take out without it being an evening bag or one that I take to work. It's nice and summery with embroidering on it and it's huge! lol.I have two deviantART accounts, Gwirrel and wysseri, I generally use the latter more frequently for general macro shots.

  5. SS – No problem! :DI know how it is, I have no many things I intend to do but never get round to it lol.I will participate in these things occasionally, but generally won't tag people back as I don't want them to feel that they have to do it too. Obviously should anyone wish to do it anyway then that's fine.I wish I'd thought to look on the net for the Wisteria, and on that website it says it will flower again in Summer. Fantastic, I look forward to mine doing so. I've noticed a few new shoots growing, so hopefully it'll soon meet the wire trellis I put up for it!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, Liz. What a nice post to find you on, it's certainly given me a bit of an insight.I've just had a quick look at your blog and it looks great, I will be returning to have a 'proper' read.

  7. Hi Liz… lovely answers… hope you did'nt mind me tagging you!! (although i think it's good.. it made me think about things when I had to do it!) Emma

  8. Emma- I didn't mind at all! Nice to be thought of actually :DIt would be interesting to see how our answers change over time as we change! I wonder if your mood also dictates how you answer them.I know I could potentially be changing a lot in the next couple of years… Hopefully for the better 🙂

  9. Hi Liz….lovely getting to know you….whilst I do not do the tagging thing, I just love reading about others….no I am not nosey, just inquisitive…..I buy clothes from fat face…love them….my style….I so agree with the last answer, if only people would look at the small things….notice what is going on around them….I think they would probably be more content…..

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