Fledglings at last

It’s been a wonderful day here, and I’ve just been sat out until almost 9pm. I only came in because I needed a drink and was getting a little bored – really ought to have taken my book outside with me!

I’m thoroughly relaxed, and confused trying to decide which jobs need doing and where I can put those last seedlings I have left in pots!

We’ve just had a Foxy in broad daylight, and it was most definitely a youngster! Yay, just a shame I never got to see them actually as cubs, how on earth did they manage to hide them so well?!! No photos, but I know had I managed it they would’ve been quite good enough as there was enough daylight. Never mind, I’d much rather experience the moment then run around the house trying to get the camera!

This Goldfinch has a tag on its leg, I wonder if it’s the same one as in the photo I caught a couple of months ago.

Great tit at last!

Sadly I didn’t manage to get one of the babies.

Looking some what rough, I’m not surprised raising all those babies!

Baby Blue Tit,

Looking rather mean for one so cute!

This guy was pretty much fresh out of the nest I think. It wasn’t flying very well and could barely make it into the Cherry Tree to escape me. I didn’t get too close as I didn’t want to make it fly into a predator’s path.


17 thoughts on “Fledglings at last

  1. It sounds like a very pleasant evening just sitting in the garden relaxing and planning.Glad you have some babies in the garden and you captured some lovely shots of them, I enlarged them and what a face the last Blue Tit had!!!

  2. Lovely to have a foxy visit Liz – and yes, it is good to savour the moment rather than worrying about getting a picture.You're right about the little fledgling (House Sparrow?) Hope he stays safe!

  3. Hi there Liz, great to see you get your fledglings at last. Wonderful photos and yes, the parents do look rather run ragged don't they. We've seen new families arrive at the feeders too. It's quite a busy time out there isn't it?Ah… but a young foxy… fingers crossed you'll get a photo opp next time… fingers crossed it will return. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about just watching the wildlife camera free… it is quite special too :-DHappy gardening… hope you find your last seedlings 😀

  4. Lovely photos 🙂 The adults do get rahte rragged at htis time of year, don't they?One of my favourite things in summer is to sit outside and listen to the balckbirds singing and the swifts creaming. absolute joy.

  5. Jan – I often sit and 'plan' but things usually don't turn out that way! hehehe, this gardening malarky sure is difficult!The baby numbers seem to have reduced a fair amount, I think it's as they're now fully independent and with the abundance of insects at the moment no doubt they're eating a more natural diet 🙂

  6. Tricia – We had Foxy again tonight, but it was gone before Pete brought the camera, oh well.Referring to your blog post, it's been so hot and muggy today, it's been horrible! I've just had to have another shower as I feel disgusting. This morning was very foggy, and cleared around 4pm but greyed over again in the evening. I hope the fledgling was ok too! I'm sure it will be, there's lots of other Sparrows around to help keep an eye out for danger.

  7. Yoke – Indeed, they can get very noisy. Things have quietened down a bit now the tits aren't screaming for food any more but the general Sparrow 'chatter' can still be heard.

  8. Shirl – It's very busy at the moment… Well, once I'd scared off the Collared Doves/Pigeons because they're sitting on the feeders eating the seed! Grrr.Although as the birds become more independent I think I may leave them be.I've got a few seedlings left to plant, only I never seem to know where to put them! In the end I'll just put them anywhere, as it's getting quite late to be planting them…I went to a garden centre today and *cough* spent a little too much! All were required though, but I did buy a rambling rose that I hadn't planned to buy just yet. A lovely David Austen one 🙂

  9. HappyMouffetard – Thank you for visiting my blog! :DI have to agree, nothing more satisfying than listening the birds in the evening. Blackbird singing beautifully and the Swifts screaming occasionally, in fact I was doing just that around an hour ago!

  10. Hi Liz….lovely shots of the birds….I always find taking photographs of birds difficult…as soon as the camera appears, so do they!!Some of the birds do look so worn but as you rightly say, who wouldn't be bringing up all those youngsters……Enjoy your day of…..and prepare for all the hot weather to come…..

  11. Wow — your goldfinch is so beautiful — we have them here in the northeast of the US but they are mostly yellow and black — I love the red head!!

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