Here we go again…

Whilst we’re waiting for the mystery plant to open its flowers here are some photos taken at the end of June that I’ve been meaning to post…

I love grass… Swaying in the wind

Where faeries dance…

Poppies are out

As is my Anemone, such a lovely colour…

Plenty of Geranium, I have a slight obsession with them…

They’re great for all areas

And this is only a few of them!

Chocolate Clover with its beautiful pom poms

Californian Poppies… I found some pink ones online… I will definitely be buying some!

Peruvian Lily, last year it was eaten by the slugs… So I potted it up after telling Pete to do it… He never listens to me… Needless to say, it’s doing wonderfully now!

Yarrow, I love this colour it’s so vibrant!

Fruit, Raspberries are ripening…

As are the Strawberries

And the Beans are flowering, not long…

I realise it’s a very long post… I always seem to put off posting all the photos and then this happens! Would it shock any of you if I said there are more and I haven’t actually posted them all?



13 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Nope Liz… it doesn't shock me at all that you had many more pics you could have shared! I know how that is… spent last night sorting and cropping my next 'cut down' selection ;-)What a great selection of plants you have and your photos as always are beautiful as your garden must be at the moment too… enjoy it this weekend it looks a lovely sunny morning out there! Oh… a request… could we see a few more pics next time… some garden views perhaps? I for one won't be counting… bring them on 😀

  2. Hi Liz….I love the ones that you have shared. Cranesbill are my favourite…they are the do'ers of the plant world…fit in anywhere and bloom their little hearts away…You were so right when you said we have similar taste….I have most of those blooms in my garden…..apart from your berries and beans, a no no here because of the pesky rabbits……I love your photographs by the way……

  3. Shirl – The wonders of Digital photography hey?? Haha, at least it doesn't cost us as much in film and developing any more!Sadly the garden still looks rather bare, some parts look very nice with flowers blooming but until things mature further I'm stuck with lots of green and brown for now ;)I'll try to post some garden shots for you, but beware that there's still lots of work for me to do, but as I get to grips with propagating things should hopefully fill out!

  4. Cheryl – I do love the crane's bills, they're so great for covering up the soil and adding colour that goes on seemingly for months. I have 9 at the moment, and that's being a good girl! I'm trying to get some of the traditional types like dusky crane's bill but I don't ever seem to see them in gardencentres, I may end up ordering online!The fruit/veg are all kept away from pests – although I don't quite get Rabbits! 😀

  5. Bangchik – We have two different types of beans here, climbing French Bean Blue Lake and Climbing Bean Cobra (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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