Last week I came across this little guy…
I hadn’t realised what it was doing until I checked the photo on the screen…
And this is what I found when I looked more closely at the leaf.
Amazing isn’t it? I sat waiting for it to return but no such luck. Another time, perhaps??


9 thoughts on “Bee

  1. I did know that a certain bee eat leaves so am not surprised to see this but such great photographs I will come back for lessons in the winter when I am not so busy in the garden.Meanwhile I will just come back and enjoy.

  2. Hi Liz….wow a leaf cutter bee….this is about the time she will be producing her eggs. They use the leaves for egg laying and for sealing the unit…..they do not sting, by the way…..If I am right with my identification she is usually found in the South……interesting…..

  3. Tricia – I've never seen them actually in action and I had just assumed it was resting on the leaf after gathering pollen from the flowers (it's a cotoneaster)

  4. Joanne – Thanks for visiting!I'm unsure if they eat the leaves, I know some will cut off large areas and roll the leaf up and lay eggs inside it. But this must be a different type because she only took a small area of leaf 🙂

  5. Jan – Indeedy I also assume it's a leaf cutter bee! These that I have been seeing around have been different to ones I've seen in the past!

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