The Mystery… Is it solved??

The Mystery Plant is flowering… I don’t know whether to wait for more flowers to come out to put you all out of your intense misery!


The horrible weather seems to have disappeared… It’s actually a beautiful day, windy but glorious.

We watched an adult Fox last night in next door’s garden battling against the winds and rain. He didn’t look too happy! No photos though, the rain was battering against the window and we could barely make him out let alone get photos. He seemed to be eating something substantial and burying it around her garden. We then think he came into ours – and left some presents for me… Not impressed. I think it’s time to get some moth balls and hopefully that’ll deter him, so far the onion doesn’t seem to be working (but it stops the cats)

So, what do we have here…??

Perhaps another angle will help…
Can you tell what it is yet?
So, do you know what it is?
I’m in love already and there’s only the two open so far!


16 thoughts on “The Mystery… Is it solved??

  1. Re. double exposure in your 'Profile'. I was explaining to someone the other day how this used to be possible on all cameras and how useful and creative it could be (and treacherous if one forgot and did it by mistake).Esther

  2. My vote goes for Angel's Fishing Rod (dierama) too. Last night was a diabolical night weatherwise – poor old fox being out in that !

  3. Yes as I thought Dierama except I put the wrong name on your old post. I have potted on 6 seedlings today so also very excited. My original plant died last winter during the foot of snow I suspect. I was so pleased I had kept seeds and they were successful in germinating.

  4. Hi Liz….I have just read shirl's comment and my quick guess was exactly the same…Angel's fishing rod……If it is, lucky you….beautiful colour….We have foxes in the garden….I really like them (but then I would, they eat rabbits)…..I have never managed to get a photograph…..Have a good weekend…..

  5. Jan – It's an Angel's fishing rod, I've been waiting for some for a while and plan on sowing some seeds but apparently they take 5 years to flower!!!

  6. Joanne – Yep, you're correct! :)I'm surprised ours survived last winter, as we too had lots of snow! Good luck with your seedlings, I hear they take on average 5 years to flower from seed! I had planned on sowing some myself but I'm unsure I have the patience to wait so long…

  7. Cheryl – Hi! Yep you're correct it's Angel's Fishing rod! Another step toward my dream garden, now to get some amazing grasses like pheasants tail grass and I'll almost be there! :)Having Foxes is beginning to wear very thin for me, but it is still amazing to see them and to know they're so close.

  8. Tricia – Try searching for it, or Dierama, it's very similar to montbretia or Gladioli as it comes up, but then sends out these wonderful long seed heads and eventually these gorgeous flowers come out!If you like airy movement in your garden then I'd definitely recommend them, although they don't like to be moved and ought to have winter protection 🙂

  9. I had to come back on this Liz and say that like Tricia I have never heard of it but note you likened it to Montbretia which of course is another name for Crocosmia which was my original guess, I looked it up and the web makes the same comparison so at least I was along the right lines! It really is a lovely flower, thanks Liz that was fun and I learnt something 🙂

  10. Jan – I can see why you thought it was Montbretia (crocosmia) the main difference is that the leaves on the Dierama are more 'whippy' they're quite strong and I imagine could easily whip someone… Should you be so inclined ;)Where as crocosmia is soft leaf like that of grass.Perhaps you could get some yourself? I'm sure you could fit them in somewhere! hehehee. They're more vertical than bushy… G'won you know you want to!

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