Harvesting Dangers

If you plan on harvesting any plants today, or indeed have hopes of growing and harvesting your own plants next year, beware…

Let this blog be a warning to you all… Your veggies/fruit may turn on you!!

When faced with danger, carrots can become very aggressive…

Not content with attacking a fellow carrot, it moves on to larger prey…
Panic sets in…
And it lunges!
Direct hit! Haaaaaalp
Ha! Not so big and clever now are you???!
Oh, and not forgetting the Beans, don’t worry about those though… But I would watch out for those tops and tails flying around!


11 thoughts on “Harvesting Dangers

  1. Jo – Thanks! it actually started out quite innocent, until Pete decided to pick up the 'unique' carrot!I had started out attempting to do a rather mundane post about our carrots 🙂

  2. Emma – Thanks! It's just a shame the freaky carrot wasn't actually edible, as it had grown strangely inside and was rock hard to cut through!

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