[Monday] Sunday Safari

I apologise, this post was intended for Sunday, only I took so many photos and it took me so long to work through them, that at 11pm I decided it was far too late to be writing a blog post as I’d only be grouchy and boring.

Mind you, is Monday morning any better?!

Yesterday the weather was lovely, and with the sun came the insects including the butterflies! So, although I didn’t get anything exciting like a Painted Lady – I’m seriously beginning to wonder whether their massive migration was actually a lie because I still have seen nada, not a single one.

As a result I have decided that this post will have to be a butterfly post because if I combined the plants with the insects there would be an obscene number of photos…

First I noticed two Gatekeepers on the Sea Holly…

Just I was getting into the swing of things…
My camera battery died!!!!


Luckily it did remain sunny, and I left the battery to charge for a short while before being unable to resist taking photos any longer.

Mainly because I spotted this fella…

She was right up against my face on the Buddleia and as the wind blew it around I was getting a little too close for comfort 🙂

Shortly after [scaring away the Small Tortoiseshell] I looked across at the Privet, there was a sea of Butterflies flitting around along it, and amongst the whites and gatekeepers I saw a Meadowbrown… Sadly, the battery was dead so I couldn’t get a shot *weeps*

The Bees also like the Sea Holly, and I do wonder whether they prefer certain types… Although I couldn’t say whether mine are different but they do all seem to prefer the Sea Holly in the left border compared to the ones in the right. Of course it may also be that the one in the left is in full flower compared to those in the right which are a little behind…

The Sea Holly in the left border
This lovely Gatekeeper enjoying the nectar
Is surprised by a Bee coming in to share
Not to worry, they make the perfect couple
A Bee in the Crocosmia (I really ought to begin finding out the names of the Bees…)
A Green-Veined White visits briefly but is quickly moved on by the Large Whites (Butterflies chasing was a regular sight yesterday, as there were so many)
One of the [beautiful] big bullies…
A Comma put in an appearance
This Bee is a newer visitor I believe, until now we’ve mainly been getting them with white bums, although some with red too were seen they had different yellow patterns on the body…
A hoverfly takes a break on the Blackcurrant
And another pollinates my Tomatoes for me
And a teeny tiny Bee on the Verbena…
I did also see a Speckled Wood, the photograph was too poor to use though! One landed right in front of me on the Buddleia literally inches from me, I couldn’t believe my luck! The shutter releasing scared it off and all I have is a blurred image of it taking off… Such a shame, they’re so jumpy!


10 thoughts on “[Monday] Sunday Safari

  1. Beautiful photos Liz and a great safari. You saw a lovely variety of butterflies, as far as I know I have never seen a Comma in the garden so you did well with that, how frustrating about your battery, you need a spare!!I was sure I had commented on your Caterpillar but find I hadn't! What an impressive creature it is, it looked to me like it should be the subject of a children's TV programme or book.Thanks so much for your expressions of concern regarding my prolonged absence, it is lovely to be back where I belong 🙂

  2. Hi Liz….that is a fabulous post. So pleased to read that you have plenty of butterfly and bees in your garden.I love the photograph with the butterfly flying away when the bees lands….and then the shot when they are bestest friends….aaaahI cannot find your caterpillar BTW.I, like you, think it is some sort of hawk moth….it is lovely…..Great post for a Monday…tku.

  3. Jan – Thank you, I'm glad you liked the photos :)I agree, I do need another battery but everytime I work down my list of things, something else comes along and take priority… One day…The Catterpillar was crazy, I've never seen one with such a cool little wig and eyes! I do wonder how it's doing and whether it's surived the Tits that like to go through the Willow searching for food 😦

  4. Cheryl – I just need some skippers now, I did see some last year…Oh and I forgot to mention that I swear I saw a Fritillery a month or two ago. The only one it seems to have been was the Dark Green Fritillery as all the others seem to be more southern.Pete and I were both stood in the garden and it flew past and settled on the shed we both stared at it and Pete asked me what it was. I'm stood there open-mouthed thinking to myself 'that's a fritillery, but it can't be! But I swear it is!'Camera was not handy, but I do know enough about Butterflies to recognise one when I see it… And it clearly had the heavily stripey pattern – more so than a Comma and was very orange. (Plus I recognise Comma's so know one when I see it)No problem with the Caterpillar ID, I've given up too… I'd love to know what it is though, it must be a large Moth whatever it is.

  5. Tricia – It's funny how they only ever die when you're not expecting it? ;)I didn't even think I'd taken many photos recently…This weekend everything seemed to explode, although I'm surprised the butterflies survived all the rain on sunday!

  6. Hi Liz….A fritillery….wow amazing…..don't you just love it when you see something unusual.I have so many blues flying around the garden at the moment…will they settle, no.I am not giving up, I shall keep following them and keep my fingers crossed……

  7. I know it sounds mental that I saw one but things I read do indicate it was one, it was on the wing at the right time for the Fritilleries (commas weren't yet supposed to be around), it was large, very fast (so is a comma) and as I said… I know Commas so easily recognise them.They like flower-rich scrubland, which we do have near here, one area was sown with wild flowers this year and another, larger area where I go birding is a mixture of ancient woodland and scrub/wasteland (around 10min walk away).Good luck with getting photos of the Blues, I never even got remotely close to ours – same with the orange-tips. Although I think the Blues never stopped because nothing was in flower at the time to attract them, it was too early(really need to change that!)

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