Muggy Wednesday…

This time we can have the flower shots (and some other wildlife too!)

A Bee enjoys the Sunflower

Cosmos looking pretty… (Yesterday one of my own grown Cosmos began to open! And its petals are very dark!! I can’t wait for it to be fully opened.)
Gaura, I love its flowers… I have three around the garden now, probably one of my favourites.
I planted this Aubreita sown from seed and it’s flowered! Perhaps someone should tell it, it’s a little bit late…

Now here’s one I doubt many of you have in your gardens… Willowherb!
Wonderful flowers on it 🙂
Here’s another many of you probably don’t allow… Yes I realise it looks like an Allium… It is an Allium, or rather an Onion! Ha, it’s the craziest, hugest Onion I’ve ever seen, but the flower is pretty!
The black Hollyhock
Bean vine and bird feeders in the background with a Goldie on it
Yarrow is swamped by the other plants around it
Blackberries and what, I can only assume are wild Raspberries picked from the garden. The red ones certainly taste like Raspberries, the plants I pick them off are very similar only spikey and sadly they’re never full raspberry shapes I assume they weren’t well pollenated.

A vase of flowers from the garden, we have quite a mix in there… Coneflower, Shasta Daisy, Sweet Pea and Crocosmia.
Anemone are out, I had a variety pack and so far I’ve had 1 purple, 1 red and 1 white and purple…
This purple one is just amazing, I looooooove it!

A salvia seedling sown a few weeks ago, I am so thrilled they’ve come up as I wasn’t sure if they needed cold stratification (ooh, get the big word!) and such first…
Lliatris, has so far survived the slugs/snails… Normally it isn’t so lucky!
Crocosmia, it’s certainly a very strong colour! The sage growing amongst it does help calm it and I’ve found myself actually liking the contrast of orange and purple…

Lily Stargazer is also out. Its perfume is wonderful, shame about its blooms though… They’re always gnarled, but I’m just happy it has even managed to open after being pulled up numerous times by the Fox.
Another Lily, it’s also managed to survive the Fox, the perfume isn’t as strong as the Stargazer but it does offer some welcome colour in an otherwise quite boring area of the garden.
Bird’s Foot Trefoil bought at RHS Harlow Carr a couple of weeks ago (which reminds me, I haven’t posted photos…!)
Scabious… Still not in flower… Grrrrrr
Verbena Hastata is looking like it will be flowering for a long time to come, just like bonariensis… I hope so anyway!
Ok, so hopefully that’s the backlog of photos all done for a while… Of course that’s forgetting about the shots from RHS Harlow Carr…


6 thoughts on “Muggy Wednesday…

  1. It doesn’t feel muggy looking at these shots, Liz :-DOh… so many caught my eye. Yep… that purple was one. Hastata another, the orange of the crocosmia is like a jewel and the onion flower just exquisite! I loved all your images, especially the way you crop them too. Great colours… your garden must be looking stunning 😀

  2. Wonderful colour and so many varieties of flowers – your garden must look lovely Liz. Your pictures have a lovely "romantic" look to them.Humidity? Apparently it's going to get worse down here with me today – rain and temperatures of 28 ish. Groan!

  3. Hi Liz…it is muggy here to….so tiring…..I don't do muggy…I have willowherb growing in the meadow…it is pretty I like it a lot… also grows along the ditch at the back of our garden…..So many plants to comment on, your photography is so eyecatching I would be here forever…….Your garden must look stunning with so many colours and perfumes…..Your blackberries are ahead of mine!!! I do have damsons though…….

  4. Shirl – It's been very muggy all week, even this morning it started out muggy but the sun soon came out and a breeze seemed to start up which offered relief from the heat of the sun.The Hastata is wonderful, I don't think I'll ever be without it!I'm glad you liked the photos, more to come over the weekend as some new flowers have opened 🙂

  5. Tricia – I'm glad you're enjoying the photos… I think Romantic may be my middle name ;)I hope it wasn't too hot and humid for you to cope with, it's been crazy here. Even a couple of nights ago it was slightly drizzling, I still sat outside watching the sunset as it was so hot you didn't notice the rain!

  6. Cheryl – Thanks for visiting my blog!Muggy is horrible, at least when it's hot and sunny you expect to be sticky but Muggy is just horrible even though it's dull and murky is not fun at all.We don't have many blackberries, these ones are generally only the first ones on the end. However walking home today and there are loads of ripe berries along the park so I'll check mine again this weekend!

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