A Bee, Peacock and 2 Very Nice Ladies

After a rather dull start this morning, today has turned out to be wonderful…

When I got home I checked the tomatoes, strawberries and garden in general. I took out some of the seedlings from the little greenhouse to water… The next thing I know my hand is flicking/twitching as a jerk reaction, I look around to see a Bee flying away!

It had stung me 😦

I don’t even know what I did, but have to assume that it was either on the coneflower or flying to/from it and my hand hit it or it flew into me.

It’s the second time I’ve ever been stung (and the first was when I was little so we’ll discount that)

Not to worry, I don’t hold a grudge and soon after fished a presumed dead Bee out of a dish I had on the wall for watering the seedlings. As I was fishing at it, I noticed its legs moving. So I left it to sunbathe and dry off. See, I’m nice really!
As the weather was lovely, I’m afraid it’s the return of the butterflies again… There were jut so many, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in a garden before… And I really do hope the coming years will be the same, if not better.

Gatekeeper again, still plenty around

The Speckled Woods have grown in numbers…
As have the Peacocks…
There are three in this shot, sadly all silhouetted against the sky…
As the wind had also picked up compared to the past few days I was able to creep around as the Buddleia moved around in the wind.

I met some very nice ladies too:

They often basked in the sun on the fence or house wall
There were actually two! I didn’t manage to get both in one shot though…
Finally, I’m not the only one that hasn’t yet seen them! Now I just want some Red Admirals, Blues and Skippers… Not asking for much is it??!


6 thoughts on “A Bee, Peacock and 2 Very Nice Ladies

  1. Wonderful butterflies in your garden! I've been hoping to have more butterflies show up. They aren't as plentiful here this year with all of our rain. A few of the Black Swallowtail caterpillars are on the bronze fennel. The Monarchs haven't started their migration through… soon!Stings are just now part of my gardening life. I'm not attacked, I just tend to sometimes touch the bees when I'm working in the garden. Cameron

  2. Lovely selection of butterflies, as always beautifully photographed.You obviously do not have a reaction to bee stings…I am fortunate, I do not either.Stinging nettles are a problem for me….I have a severe reaction…I love little bee drying out….cute.I have had many blues in the garden….I have not been able to identify them as they fly away as soon as I approach with the camera.I have had the red admiral and one large skipper. I think all in all it has been a good year for butterflies…..hopefully it will continue…..Love the sea holly by the way…it is such a pretty flower…..

  3. Lovely photos Liz, I've noticed an increase in butterflies in the garden on the (few) nice days we have had this week and at last am seeing quite a lot of Painted Ladies. I hope the bees sting isn't too sore.

  4. Cameron – Thank you very much for visiting my blog!The past coupld of years here have been terrible with the rain so this is the first for a while where the Butterflies have even had a chance of surviving. Last year I only saw 4 species in the garden over summer…At first I had thought it must be a wasp stinging me, so I was surprised when it was a Bee. I assume it was my own fault as I must've brushed it when I wasn't paying enough attention.

  5. Cheryl – I hadn't even considered having a bad reaction to the sting! I have a small strange blister now, it's nothing major, but I am now wondering whether I should've used some alcohol handwash on it…Is it windy at all for you at the moment? Try using the wind to creep up on them. That's what I've been doing – I do the same with the birds. As long as you only move when there's a breeze they generally don't notice you (well, perhaps they do, but they seem to ignore it)The Sea Holly is fantastic, I can't recommend them highly enough. If anyone wants masses of butterflies, Bees and Hoverflies, get some! Mine are full of them, constantly.

  6. Jan – Great to hear you're also seeing lots of Butterflies! What types are you getting(other than the Painted Ladies)?The sting is ok thank you for asking. It's not really sore, but I can feel it's there if you understand? It's now got a small blister with some swelling around it.

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