Down On Your Knees

This month I thought I would join in with the photography competition over at Gardening Gone Wild I realise I am not in the US, but since I am so often on my stomach, bum, knees, sitting on wet grass, having wet trousers and traipsing grass, mud and stones into the house it makes sense to enter purely for the fun and to help spread the word 🙂


10 thoughts on “Down On Your Knees

  1. What a lovely photo Liz, I hope you have good luck with it! I'm tempted myself but not sure if having 'got down' I would ever get up again and before any remarks about age come to mind 😉 I never could rise easily from a squatting position even as a teenager! Let us know how you get on 🙂

  2. Liz….I love your photography….it has a quality all of its own….I love visiting blogs and looking at the photographs…….many are beautiful forms of artwork…I include your pics in that category……

  3. Jan – Thanks :)No real issues of getting up and down for me, although I do have one slight dodgy knee and if I'm up and down too much it can pull or begin to ache a lot so I have to stop…

  4. Certainly a winner in my book Liz – a great macro shot. Good that it was happy to have you and your camera so close.Often, by the time I get down, the subject's moved on and there am I, crawling around trying to catch up with it! When will I ever learn!

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