Sunday Safari And Another Mystery

It’s getting difficult now not to post photos that you have all seen a million times before… I have just a few plants that you will not have seen yet… I think there is a lot of work to do so I have late Summer and Autumn interest!

So I’ll begin with some Sunflowers or Helianthus, I have two different types – the large ones and then some dark rusty red ones…
The Giants have finished flowering, but the red ones are now out, and I have quite some variation in them.

The first is a lighter yellow with hints of rusty red:

The second is a deep rusty red – as shown on the seed packet! This is the first year I have one that is the colour it should be…
In the latest Gardens Illustrated there is an article on the Helianthus and all the different varieties now available… There were some stunning wine/fuchsia pink ones and some Vanilla with pink centres that I most definitely will be getting!

The Sea Holly are past their best and are beginning to go to seed…

White butterfly on scabious
The flutters have had to move onto other flowers now the Buddleija has finished…
This Geranium is on its second flush, a welcome sight at the moment with many flowers going to seed as the garden slows down.
The Bees are still around, but their numbers seem to have fallen a lot…
The Aster will soon be in flower, next year I need more types to ensure plenty of nectar for the insects…

The Masterwort is also on its second flush of flowers, the Agapanthus and Rose are still flowering around it.

And then I discovered this little guy…

Does anyone know what it is? I have never seen one before, but it was very nice to see it!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Safari And Another Mystery

  1. Hi Liz…..lovely post……my garden is slowing down to and bees, butterflies etc are going down in numbers. I am surprised as the weather is to their suiting.I have many asters in the garden. They are wonderful blooms for all insects……The little chap at the end is so cute….I am not sure what it is…..time to look at my books again…..

  2. Hi Cheryl, I too was surprised that the Bee numbers have declined – the butterflies less of a surprise as there aren't as many plants flowering anymore… But the Bees still have almost all the same flowers that were flowering before the Buddleija.I need to get some early/late flowering Asters, so I have a nice range for the Bees/Butterflies.Good luck finding the little bug… I'm pretty certain you'll be surprised when you find out what it is! 😀 It's a gardener's friend and I will assume you have many of them in your own garden…

  3. Dear Liz,So fun to see your Sunday Safari.Hunting bugs is the best.I do not know your mystery bug! It is delightful to see your butterflies.Asters and mums are mainstays in my Autumn gardens. Happy Sunday Safari!Sherry

  4. Such lovely photos of your blooms Liz, the Sunflowers are so cheerful. My garden is looking tired now and not helped by my leaving it to its own devices recently! My tentative guess on your 'mystery' is the larvae of the Green Lacewing.

  5. Sherry – Thank you for visiting my blog, very nice to see you here! :)My garden seems to be mainly geared towards Spring at the moment so I still have a long way to go until I have a nice year-round interest. No doubt it is an aspect that comes with experience!

  6. Jan – I know what you mean about your garden looking tired. It's the same here! I'm resigned to Autumn, yet there's still a month of August to go!Indeed you are correct with your guess that my mystery bug is a Lacewing Larvae 😀

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