[Not so] Wordless Wednesday

Time for some cheerful butterfly photos I think to brighten up this rather horrible day (well it is for us, but at least the plants are finally getting their much needed water!). This is the first real rainy day we’ve had for, well, weeks – perhaps even a month! it’s nasty and grey with drizzle on and off, and I’m actually pleased to see it!

I must be crazy!

Even with me watering the plants the ground is still very cracked, with some being like small canyons, so hopefully after today the ground will be nice and soaked once more.

However, I’m sure that if this rain continues in to tomorrow I’ll be grumbling 😉

This Gatekeeper was more than obliging a couple of weeks ago…

Focusing on the proboscis
Looking at the hairy wings and body…
And finally, a general shot…


12 thoughts on “[Not so] Wordless Wednesday

  1. Apologies if I have commented twice Liz, I just hit publish and the computer had a paddywack!Lovely photos which have indeed cheered up a grey, wet and miserable day. Poor butterflies, not their sort of day at all!I think you have probably had a lot more dry weather than we have lately but the thing I noticed today was it didn't look or 'feel' (I don't mean temperature) like a wet, late Summer day, it had the look and 'feel of Autumn to me 😦 I don't like it, I seemed to wait for so long for Summer and then it passed in a flash!

  2. Hi Liz….so envious….how dare you have rain….I would love rain for a week or more…..or perhaps two weeks……..I am rain obsessed at the moment….Love the butterflies and yes they are hairy….I never realised quite how much until I had a camera…..

  3. Val – It seems to have been quite an extreme summer this year with some areas of the country having drought conditions compared to others where it seems almost to be flooding!So sorry you've had a terrible summer so far Val, mind you ours for the past two years have been quite shocking so it was well due for some sun…

  4. Karen – Yep the grey is very miserable, so far we've mainly just had short 10 minute showers quickly followed by sun, so it's always been evaporated and within a few minutes you would never know it had rained… This is why I resorted to watering the garden, things have really suffered over the past week or so.

  5. Jan – Not to worry! :)I have to agree with the Autumnal feel… Today was the first day when I actually felt it was Autumn. So although some trees are dropping leaves and turning golden, it's remained Summery but today definitely had that September feeling… Hardly surprising as it is only a week away!Where has the past year gone??? I couldn't believe it was my nephew's first birthday on Sunday…

  6. Cheryl – The slugs are having a party! I've had to go on slug/snail patrol already to get rid of them all… Well, some of them. They've gone on a little holiday in the bin :DI have some photos of a Peacock Butterfly, and they actually have hairy eyes too! The gatekeeper doesn't seem to though… I wonder why??Macro is amazing, I love how you get to discover so many new aspects of the world that ordinarily you would never experience…

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