September is here… Where’d August go?

Wow, where has the year gone?

I cannot believe it’s September already, I’m not usually a fan of Summer, but I’m really going to miss it this year as I have really enjoyed myself. I know for many this year has been terrible, but here it’s been fantastic – well, compared to the past two years anyway… And perhaps for the first time in years I’m not yet looking forward to the next few months, normally I love Autumn with bonfire night, my birthday and then into Christmas… It’s just not happening for me this year…

Today is the first of September, and it’s been mixed weather-wise… It started off lovely and warm with a fairly strong wind. So I had a little relax and eventually forced myself to use the plants I bought on Saturday otherwise they will sit there for the next month or so before I finally get them in…
So, shockingly everything is planted already! Oh, I do feel like a good girl today!!
I think I’m going to need more viola/cyclamen though… Hmmm any excuse isn’t it?

The black lily turf is planted, the green plant is a Rhodohypoxis… Whatever that might be! I plan on adding chive too to repeat the grass textures and to also hopefully deter cats.

Cyclamen and Coreopsis, I’m thinking perhaps I shouldn’t have mixed the yellow and blue together…The jury is out.

(ignore the tea bag, it’s soaked in jeyes fluid to deter foxy/cats…)

Violas in their basket…

Then around 5pm I brought in the washing and new chair… Wandered to the veggie bed to collect some beans and heard a thunder clap… I continued cutting them, tempting fate.
Just as the second sounded I thought perhaps I was pushing my luck and wandered back in with the first rain drops close on my heels.
Just as I stepped inside the heavens opened and I could hear stones being thrown…

It was hailing!

So glad I brought the washing and chair in when I had the chance 🙂

Some photos from our front window…

Gradually getting nearer…
Where’d everything go?!

I’ve been lazy this weekend with the housework, as a result I have now realised I still have the ironing to do… It might be a hash job this week as I only have a three days at work so shouldn’t need as many things ironed (we always have Monday and Tuesday off on bank holidays…)


12 thoughts on “September is here… Where’d August go?

  1. It has been a lovely summer here in Surrey too. In fact the best for many a year in many respects for me.I expect the cloud does hang over the town which I think is in a bit of a valley between hills.

  2. Hi Jo – I'm glad you've also had a good summer! It's cheered me up immensley having nice or at least dry weather for most of the summer…The clouds roll in from the peaks, and those hills, well some of them are also in the peak district national park… It's an amazing city, with views like this from almost every corner you turn. If you're not looking towards the city, as our house is then it's likely you're looking out towards the peaks – Sheffield's boundaries are in them.My brother's house looks out at the peaks, and I'm not sure which I'd prefer… I think the city wins for me, especially seeing all the developments happening at the moment.

  3. Liz…..planting is such fun….I never ever tire of planting…..I planted hellebores today, they are a passion of mine, along with clematis!!!I like the blue and yellow….very contemporary…..We have not had any rain….in fact the sun shone all day over my part of the country. I cannot believe it…….I love autumn…..the cooler weather, mists, mellow light…..

  4. Hi Cheryl – Hellebores, good idea! I always forget about them :(Planting is fun! I enjoy it… That is when I actually get round to doing it after taking far too long to decide where to put something…I think you are due for some rain tomorrow Cheryl… You're long awaited rain!Indeed, I love the cool colours of the sky in winter, when it is that lovely pastel shade 🙂

  5. i think yellow and blue is an interesting contrast. you have shot some gorgeous blooms.i love the violets in hanging baskets. i am growing 2 in coco based baskets. none bloomed yet.honestly i am happy that the brutal summer heat is vanished and september has arrived. Time to sow some seeds.

  6. Hi Muhammed – This year I decided to try some more cheerful violas so that I actually notice them and hopefully remember to water them! Whoops! Last year I got some darker purple ones, and in the winter they didn’t stick out enough and I tended to forget they were there…I am no fan of heat, but I have been enjoying the recent warm but cooler temperatures… Now it is time to begin planning for Spring… And then when I get there, no doubt I’ll ignore all the plans I made and do whatever takes my fancy!

  7. Seems to me that the West Country really missed out on some good weather this year. Third year running! Not good! By October you'll probably feel more Autumnish! Val

  8. I know I keep saying it Liz but your weather really does seem to have been better than ours this Summer, I think ours could be described as 'a mixed bag' which is at least an improvement on the last two years. We have actually had a few nice days between the rainy ones!I'm glad you got your new plants in, they should look great when established. I have so much which needs to be done in my garden (sigh) and see that horror of horrors one rather neglected border has lots of ground elder 😦 which has crept through from the neighbouring garden!I don't like it hot but I do love the sunshine and the longer days so my heart is starting to sink with the dying of Summer.

  9. Hi Val – What area of Cornwall are you in? Everyone I know who goes down there has had a wonderful time! My brother went to St Ives a month or two ago and it was fantastic…Sorry to hear your weather has been so poor, has there been any localised flooding?

  10. Hi Jan – It sounds like we’ve been really lucky in our little pocket this year, as I believe Leeds has had a rather poor summer too… I’d say throughout the whole summer, apart from almost a week of rain sometime in July/early August we’ve had very little rain. I’ve barely had to weed at all this year, once every month or so and even at that it’s a little bit here and there. Never masses of huge weeds like previously. Of course saying all this and it’s been raining since yesterday evening now, light drizzle.I had a battle with some elder when cutting the hedge… I’d left it to grow for the berries, but there is a point where I don’t want it to get too large. I think I spied a baby behind the compost bin and need to get rid of it otherwise I’ll have taken over the summer house before I can blink!I feel your pain Jan, the short days are the killers. I just don’t know how I can cope with it being dark all the time… I’ve never felt it quite so much as this year, I’m sure I’ll begin to look forward to Autumn soon and not to see it as being so much of a problem. I noticed on my walk to work yesterday there was the definite smell of rotting plants as I walks past the park. That wet, damp, decomposing smell…

  11. We don't often get hail, I think it was as a result of the tornado across the pond… A lot of the western side of the British Isles were hit with thunder storms and such, we had some but only for an hour or so.

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