Crime Scene Investigation

I’d like to put forward the case of the mystery hole…

Around 7am on Saturday 5th September (I was up far too early!) this hole was discovered in the front right border…

Here we can see the soil built up around the Scabious (if the Scabious had been ripped up I would have been extremely angry)

The surrounding area was investigated and clearly, soil marks on the wall…

And what’s this?? A potato!

And some egg shell…

Further investigation ensues and further incriminating evidence is found…

So, dear Sherlock, what say you?


12 thoughts on “Crime Scene Investigation

  1. Hi Val – It's a Fox, cats toes are set more to the front in a little line compared to Foxes/Dogs where they have two middle toes set forward and then two outer toes further back.

  2. Oh dear….I did warn you Liz….I think the saying goes as cunning as a Fox……..I love the post, it gave me a bit of a smile, then I havn't got to deal with it!!!

  3. Hi Cheryl – Glad to hear you enjoyed my anguish! heehee, nah not a problem this time… Well would've rather the Potatoes weren't dug up. I found another in the lawn later on…I haven't secured the garden yet, so he will still be able to get in. All I've done is used rose/bramble cutting to deter them, but they can still get through the gate (this is where the chicken wire will be used)

  4. Oh dear Liz… a bit different than hedgehog visits! Just a thought… are you going to leave an entry point for the hogs? 13cm x 13cm is the suggested entry for a feeding station or house but perhaps if you left a hole at all the fox would push its way through! Are you not tempted to put out a video camera on its night setting (or borrow a CCTV) for a couple of nights to name and shame your trouble maker 😉

  5. Hi Jo – Yep, their den is next door and I'm under no illusions that their tunnels don't spread very far… My neighbour has a rather large mound in his garden, where no doubt the entrance is…

  6. Hi Shirl – Yes very different to Hedgehogs… I'm not sure Hedgies can even get into our garden to be honest as they have to get up a few different sets of steps. I'd love for them to visit because then they'd eat my slugs/snails…What signs would you look out for if they are visiting?I'm surprised Foxy doesn't eat slugs/snails to be honest. They must be nutritious!Video camera – yes, they don't tend to be regular visitors at least until recently they weren't but I think we may well be visited by their cubs at the moment too.

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