Sunday Safari 20.09.09

Today has been wonderful weather, lovely and warm, verging on too hot… Well ok, actually I did have to move into the shade at times as it got too hot.

With the warm weather recently, we’ve also had butterflies returned too… This Comma was flitting around, but the closest I got was when it sunbathed on my neighbour’s wall…

The Red Admiral was still around and we now also have a Small Tortoiseshell

Again they weren’t in my garden, but my Aster’s are now open so I’m sure they’ll visit over the next couple of days… The Bees and Hoverflies are taking full advantage though…

I also found this Sawfly larvae… I’ve seen a few chomping on my roses recently…

And then almost in the same spot there were also a few of these…

I’m sure many of you have also seen some in your gardens…

Shield bugs are everywhere… Not sure whether to leave them be or get rid…

Some of the Wild Poppies are still flowering, I haven’t dead-headed for months now… Plenty of seeds to be collects from them though…

The Cosmos trees are a delight!

Recently the mornings have had a definite chill, the cobwebs are sparkling with dew in the morning in the hedges.

This Nisturium has self-seeded, there are a few around the garden left over from the previous owners. I don’t know where they continue to appear from!

The Pyracantha has put on a lot of growth this year, and with it there is a fair amount of berries… I’m sure this time next year it’ll be significantly larger!

And this Geranium is having another late, very welcome flush…

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday… He’s in China so I will not be able to celebrate with him. I hope he has a great day, although I am sure he’ll likely be teaching!


15 thoughts on “Sunday Safari 20.09.09

  1. Lovely photos as always Liz. It has been beautiful weather here too, contrary to the forecast! I thought the butterflies had finished here but they have been out in force today, I shall miss them so much in the Winter! I have only seen one Red Admiral this year.I hope your brother has a great birthday in China.

  2. Some lovely subjects and pictures Liz. Like the Sawfly larvae – it's very colourful!I shall miss the flutters and other flying things in the Autumn and Winter but hopefully the birds will be making up for them!

  3. Those caterpillars are voracious eaters! When you made a comment on my blog about not getting snow til Christmas, I got really excited and thought, that is where I am moving! But then I came to your blog and noticed where you live! So I just have to deal with the snow, if I want to be around my family. 😦 You have a lovely garden and blog.Rosey

  4. Hi again Liz, fabulous photos once again. I’d say I love the sawflies but the hairs on the back of my neck tell me I don’t 😉 It’s got cooler here this last few days and no butterfly could be out today with the winds we’ve had. Great you got so many visitors, hope we see some more too 😀

  5. Jan – Glad to hear you've also been having nice weather :)It's been quite a good year for the Butterflies around here, I just hope it's the same next year!I'm not sure how my brother's birthday went… I know he was doing some teaching on the day so I don't suppose he celebrated too much. I've sent him a card last week which should hopefully be arriving in the next day or so.

  6. Hi Tricia – I feel the same and will miss the Bees, Hoverflies and Butterflies! But it just means that they're even more welcome when they do arrive next year 🙂

  7. Hi Rosey – Thanks for visiting my blog, it's much appreciated :DWe often get a small amount of snow in late November/early December, but real snow doesn't usually arrive until January/February and even then it's only at maximum 5cm deep… This past winter was exceptional at around 12inches, but that's possibly only the second time I've ever seen it so deep.

  8. Hi Shirl – Are you not a fan of creepy crawlies? :DI don't even mind spiders as long as they're outside and not those huge head-sized ones you get in the house over summer…. (shudder)Today has been another fairly warmm one here, yesterday was rather grim and we had a little bit of rain in the evening but barely enough to even need an umbrella…

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