Wordless Wednesday – The Reason for the Lack of Bird Photos Recently…

Doh! Who put that Bean cane there?!!!


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – The Reason for the Lack of Bird Photos Recently…

  1. Lately I've begun noticing all the trees, shrubs and plants that are in my way. I live in a community where none of the utility power lines are underground…those poles and wires really annoy me! gail

  2. Hi Gail – I feel your pain! :DFor some strange reason not only did we place the raised veggie bed in the path of the feeders, we also then added in the bean canes to add to our misery and also I planted a Hollyhock near to the house, that happened to also be in the path of the feeders… So basically I couldn't see the birds, at all without going outside! These shots are taken outside and to the left a tough so you can see more than I can actually see from the house…I think next year I may need to plan a little better…….

  3. Hi Shirl – Haha, so, what's causing you problems? Wisteria? A shrub??Next year I'll try not to be so stupid and make sure I can actually see the birds on the feeders!I actually have very little idea of the birds visiting us, I think we still have the usual suspects, but there are also more tits this year as the Greats especially had a bumper year for fledglings.

  4. Hi Karen – 🙂 Next year I will have to re-think where the raised veggie bed goes… We tried to position it to get the most amount of sun, but that resulted in completely obstructing the view of the bird feeders… Perhaps it will have to be brought forward a little 😀

  5. Oh dear a slight slip up in the planning department there Liz;) Nevertheless it is obvious there is plenty going on and with the year disappearing so quickly it won't be long before you can view the birds in all their glory again.

  6. Hi Liz, nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment so I could link back. These photos on the birds in flight are great! Yeah~live and learn about blocking bird feeders…that's what's fun about gardening! Isn't it….?

  7. Hi Jan!Indeed, quite a slip up!! :DThe beans are beginning to die off now, well three have already and I had two left but I'm also losing the battle with them…So next year the raised bed is going to find a new home! 🙂

  8. Hi Yoke 🙂 Hope you're well?!Indeed they do use the poles as a perch, it makes a great look-out point especially against cats creeping up to the tier!

  9. Hi Lynn – Thank you for visiting me, I really enjoyed reading your blog!It is probably a blessing in disguise that the feeders were blocked to be honest, as it stops me filling up my computer with photos! 😀

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