Sunday Safari 27.09.09

It’s been another lovely September day, the days are significantly shorter though – 5pm is beginning to get chilly to sit outside. Another relaxing Saturday spent sat outside flitting between reading, taking photos and popping inside as it got a little too hot.

I didn’t do any gardening as such, unless you count collecting sweet peas for a vase and dead-heading the cosmos… I’m waiting for my spring bulbs to arrive… Just need them to arrive soon before the ground is too hard to dig! Last year I resorted to lots of pots because I left it too late and do not want a repeat this year.

The stars of the show continue to be the Cosmos, it’s very difficult to capture just how impressive they are – but I’m sure those of you who have Cosmos in your own garden know very well how wonderful they are.

Recently in the news there have been warnings of it being a good year for Spiders… I’d certainly have to agree on that one, plenty of cobwebs around at the moment and some beastly huge Garden spiders (not to mention the tarantula-sized House Spiders, Eeek!)

Cobweb on Sea Holly
My blood red Scabious
This one is very nice too, initially I had assumed it would be the same as the one above!

Gaura… Like Butterflies dancing in the wind, a must have!
Asters with lots of insects
Foxglove… A little late!
2-Spot Ladybird
Hoverfly larvae – rescued from a bowl of water
Hoverfly larvae
Jumping Spider eating lunch
Spider’s web
Another jumping spider with lunch!
Nigella seeds are ready to collect at last, with the Lliatris and Black Hollyhock not far behind, another week or so perhaps and they’ll be mature.

I have lots of seeds… I’m not entirely sure just exactly how I’ll manage to grow them all with very little greenhouse space! I’m sure I’ll find a way 🙂

This evening I watered the garden again, we really need some real rain… 5 minute sprinklings just aren’t enough and I don’t want the plants to die faster than they should!

I’m getting behind on the images again and have a few ideas how I’d like to post them, so I may have to make a couple of posts this week!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Safari 27.09.09

  1. Beautiful photos today Liz! The first Scabious is a gorgeous colour.We had glorious weather yesterday (Saturday) and today started the same but ran out of steam just after lunch and has been dull, dull, dull… all afternoon!!Nice to see the 2 Spot Ladybird. I wish my garden still looked as lovely as yours obviously does 🙂

  2. Lovely detailed photos. Yes I have been collecting seeds today here but I mustn't forget to label them just occassionally I get them confused without their labels.We really need so rain here too.

  3. Hi Jan – We had a similar Sunday to you, with some patches of sunshine but for the most part it was quite grey compared to Saturday it was a bit of a let-down.The Cosmos are really lifting the garden at the moment, pretty much the only thing looking good! 😀

  4. Hi Jo – I know exactly what you mean about the seeds! I've labelled up little envelopes in anticipation for the seeds I'll collect… Now I just need to organise where I actually keep the envelopes because I can see myself losing them before Jan/Feb…

  5. Hi Noelle – Thanks for visiting, it's much appreciated :DGaura is wonderful, I am yet to get the white variety, I do however have two different types of the pink one smaller version and another much taller one. Both equally beautiful, I just need the white now… 😀

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