Along with the Cosmos, the Aster’s a stealing the show at the moment… I hope to have more for next year so I have more of a range as well as a longer flowering period.

I don’t know which type it is…
My neighbour’s son kindly gave me some…
I only asked him for the seeds,
… instead he dug out two large clumps for me!
I’m very grateful for his kindness
ofcourse as payment I gave him (Phil) and Dorothy home-grown tomatoes and beans!
Their colour brightens even the dullest Autumn day (like today for example)


14 thoughts on “Asters

  1. How pretty (and great photos). I haven't noticed the curly petals on asters before. Is it just the young flowers that are curly i.e. do they straighten as the flowers open?

  2. Hi Liz….now that was kind. I wish you lived closer to me, you could come and dig up lots of things. My gravel drive is full of plants that have seeded there. I am potting them up and putting them in the greenhouse. I am thinking of selling them at the gate next year…..Asters are a dream and such a wonderful source of nectar….I have lots of them, they have reseeded all over the place. My father gave them to me when we moved here…..Your photographs show perfectly just how pretty they are…..

  3. Hi Cheryl – never mind digging up your seedlings I don't think I'd ever leave your garden in order to take them home! :DSelling the resulting seedlings sounds like an excellent idea! Perhaps you could ask your local nursery or florist if they'd also like to sell them on for you??I look forward to my garden also being more mature and finding self sown seeds everywhere, this year I found a couple of things…

  4. Hi Joanne, asters are something I have only just began to appreciate… Since last Autumn when my neighbours were out and there were masses of Bees, Hoverflies and Butterflies all over them! Hence the reason I asked her son for some of the seeds as he was cutting off the dead growth this spring…

  5. Hi Tatyana, thank you so much for the lovely comment :)Having a macro lens really has opened up a totally new world, and as you say you see something you otherwise may never have noticed.I love my lens, it's rarely off the camera…

  6. Hi Jan, thank you 🙂 I'd had enough of the tiny little thumbnails and decided to make them larger… I also figured some people may not realise to click on the pictures to enlarge them… 😀

  7. Hi Yoke, thank you very much! I'm not sure if you could knit an aster shape, but certainly there are some needle crafts to create them… I used to do some using ribbons in embroidery…

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