Ladybird… But which type?

This little Lady was out and about, I can’t decide whether it’s an eyed ladybird, Harlequin or hybrid of our British native Eyed ladybird and a Harlequin…


15 thoughts on “Ladybird… But which type?

  1. I had a look at the Harlequin survey website ( and to me it looks like a hybrid. They shuold allow info or something about hybrids there, as these are bound to occur all over Europe. just spotted on the sightings map that the Harlequin has landed on NI, Belfast region; so in about 1,5-2 years it will be down here in the SW. Super photos as usual, Liz.

  2. On 3nd thought; I only spotted (sorry for the pun) the 2nd Harlequin picture on the Ladybird survey website and now I do think yours is a true one. Actually, the Eyed specie looks totally different, doesn't she, with the white around the spots? I'd record the sighting, because they'll ask you to send to a photo anyway to verify it. That way, you do not have to decide which it is.Better safe than sorry. (inhelping to build a bigger picture of the Harlequin spread.

  3. Hi Yoke, ha ha, this is exactly my problem why I couldn't decide whether it's a true native or a Harlequin!On the Ladybird website the Eyed Ladybirds don't always have that ring around the spots apparently… Regardless of whether it is actually an Eyed Ladybird or other native it's still hard to tell whether it's native or not!I heard the Harlequins are apparently much larger… Only then when I looked on that website, they're actually the same size as our 'largest' species! So it's no help at all.Then when they say Harlequins have brown legs and that's how to tell.. Well actually no it's not because some of our natives have brown legs too!Lastly the final way to know is by the 'M' on the head.. Only again actually that's not true, because some natives also have that 'M'!This is why I've given up trying to guess what I have.

  4. I guess a ladybird is a ladybird. I get dizzy trying to count spots. At least they all eat aphids. I woke up with one on my nose yesterday morning. I guess we have just a few too many here.

  5. Hi Liz….firstly your photographs are to die for, I just love them…I do not know….I have a gathering of ladybird's in my porch at the moment. There are at least 40/50 and so many different colours and spots. I am slowly removing them and putting them in an area where they can hibernate safely….I had quite a few Harlequins this year…also lots of native…..

  6. No idea …. she said, helpfully!Great photos though!Did you get your planting done or did you get rained off?I planted a few bulbs but didn't get chance to plant the aliums. I'll have to hope for good weather this week!I've left you some info about our Tai Chi in schools over on my blog.Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow if you've got to walk to work ! 😦

  7. Hi Cheryl, *blush* thank you so much for the lovely comment, I'm thrilled you like my photos :)I had intended on getting a Ladybird house, but because I'd seen so few around the garden I didn't bother! Then all of a sudden they appear… Typical.At the moment I think with the Harlequins spreading so quickly it's highly likely that we've all seen some!

  8. Hi Liz, I did manage to get the bulbs planted thanks. This morning the weather was fine, there were a couple of spots but no real showers…To say we've had quite an amount of rain over the past day or so, the ground is still very hard – it hasn't soaked in very far. Some of it was almost like digging into rock trying to plant the bulbs!I think it's likely I will have to walk to work, so I may get a spare pair of socks and such ready so I'm not sat in wet clothes all day… 😉

  9. Liz, hello and thank you for stopping by my blog so I could find yours. Wonderful photos! The lady bug looks almost artificial.. shiny like a toy.

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