Silver Y Moth

I found this moth a few weeks ago… It actually took me a while to realise it was there!

Certainly an impressive moth when you get close to it!


11 thoughts on “Silver Y Moth

  1. Hi Liz…..I have Y moths here…they are regular visitors. That is probably a second generation moth. It will not survive once the frosts arrive.It is one of the great migrants of the insect world.I expect you know all that anyway but I just thought I would bore you to death….I love your photographs, they are amazing…..

  2. Hi Liz, moths don't bother me… Well if they're in the house they do because they're most likely house moths so I get rid but otherwise they're no problem.

  3. Hi Jan, they're both amazing insects and when you discover just how many thousands of moths there are it's even more so :)Looking at the photos, I really should've noticed it sooner… But my excuse is that you don't often look closely at dead petals… Hmmm 😉

  4. Hi Yoke, the silver y's actually seem to be one of the more common ones I see around here… That and the orange underwings.I wish we had the fancier moths, we probably do to be fair but I just never get to see them!

  5. Hi Cheryl, haha actually I didn't know they were migrants! Or actually, I think I'd heard/read it somewhere recently but had forgotten!I had one hatch last year that I took photos of, I found the chrysallis on a blade of grass as I was weeding (ripped the grass out) and then put it in a plastic carry tank and a few days or so later it came out! I didn't get to see it emerging but took some photos of it, then picked it up and let it fly away.They may not be as fancy as Hawk Moths…But still amazing when you get close to one!

  6. Hi Joanne, thank you so much :)I never seem to see moths at night… Perhaps because I always close the curtains (I get really scared having the curtains open when it's dark outside… very strange, I know!)

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