Where did October go?

It’s been rather warm recently up here, there’s been little need for the heating to be turned on – as in, I haven’t had it on!

I’ve also noticed far too many Ladybirds, and it would seem I’m not the only one as a colleague at work apparently had a swarm of them on one of her walls over the weekend…

The bulbs have been planted… Well the ones I intended on planting have been, I now have a load left over that I had been waiting for my mum to decide on which she wanted. So that’s another 100-150 to plant! Argh. I may have to give some away to colleagues, I just can’t see myself planting them all… But they’re Alliums and Crocus, I can’t give them away as I love them too much!

I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend… (as well as sowing some seeds kindly donated by Cheryl 🙂 )

What are everyone’s thoughts on the Christmas tv adverts?

The Argos one… It’s driving me insane…



I wonder how much longer I can hold out for? I usually aim to only listen to songs once we’re into December…

Some of many Ladybirds hanging around this weekend…
And the ‘almost’ fantastic shot! If only I’d been a split second faster…
The sweet peas are loving the recent wet weather…
And even the Raspberry has new flowers!
Hoverflies, Bees and Flies are out in force taking in the October sun
Pretty Cyclamen brighten up otherwise dark areas.
The Cosmos took quite a beating in the rain and wind of Saturday morning, but there are many buds still to come.
I even discovered we have a white one!
The large cherry next door looks wonderful and overnight the wind blew off almost all the leaves! Phil bagged them up for me for leaf mulch… Again, so kind 🙂
The Aster’s days are numbered…
My rose shrub, “roseraie de l’hay” is losing its leaves (not only to Autumn, it would seem!)
And something has had a nibble at the Pyracantha berries.
The American Wistera has lost most of its leaves… I can’t wait for its flowers next year…
Aubrieta has grown a lot since I planted them as babies…
As too have the Foxgloves. Both have crept up on me, I didn’t realise they’d grown so much.
Cotoneaster berries ready for harsher weather.
And the baby Maple is looking lovely… Just imagine once it’s larger…
Coreopsis is cheerful as always.
And… Just how long is this Strawberry going to produce fruit for???


20 thoughts on “Where did October go?

  1. I like the shot on the ladybirds shadow as she is flying away, very cool.I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how the British plant bulbs in huge quanities. You think nothing of planting 100-200 crocus, to get a nice "show". North Americans buy a package of 10 to 25 and think that is all they need. We are so wrong!!! We need to plant in huge quantities and drifts.

  2. The photos of your ladybirds are wonderful. I haven't really seen many here but I have read that some areas have swarms of them. The missed pic made me laugh, I have many like that but the shadow is good :-)Thanks for visiting my blog, I will take a regular look to see your own. Best wishes.

  3. Great photos Liz – and just a few more bulbs to plant then?!I went out yesterday and today to plant my remaining 30odd Allium bulbs, but somehow got distracted ……cut down a 12 ft high privet and spirea hedge, shredded it for mulch in the fruit cage, spread said mulch,got driven inside by lack of light. Today I dug over the empty bits of the veg garden and spread 'dug' organic manure (- smells like poo and fish paste!) and transplanted an Acer from where it was withering away under a Wigellia into the japanese garden – and then it got dark, again!I WILL get those bulbs planted tomorrow -well, unless something else distracts me first! 🙂

  4. Hi Liz…..I love the photograph of the ladybird flying away….the shadow is wonderful…..I love Alliums and have a mixture in my gardens…..I would find a place for as many as you can, they do not take up much space…Sweet peas….how did you do that? Mine were finished weeks ago…..what is your secret??Your garden seems very similar to mine…it is lovely having so much going on at the end of October…..

  5. Hi Deborah, thank you :)Haha, I also used to only plant a few bulbs here and there but back then it didn't really matter because I was container planting but now I have my own gardens it needs far more to be able to actually look impressive…

  6. Hi Tayana, thanks! still far too many bulbs to go and it's now too dark in the evenings to even contemplate doing some planting after work 😦

  7. Hi Liz, Good work today! Even if it wasn't quite what you had planned… ;)Never does happen does it? On Sunday I had to force myself to do the planting, but once I get into it I do actually enjoy myself… I even managed to finally plant some of the penstemon I grew from seed earlier in the year that did very little- ie, didn't grow more than 15cm!!! They're in the ground now though, and if they survive then fantastic… But I won't be bothering to sow anymore next year. What a waste of time.

  8. Hi Cheryl, I have a whole area of the back garden where I can plant them, I had also considered having them in the tier amongst the pebbles…The sweet peas have had a party with the recent rain, during summer they were really struggling, but I currently have a full vase of them and their perfume is always welcome 🙂

  9. I can almost smell those Sweet Peas Liz, my Mother always grew them and had vases of them in the house, she always felt guilty as they made me sneeze but she couldn't resist them and they did have the most beautiful scent.I only said this evening that I cannot believe all the Christmas ads on the TV. At least they used to wait until after bonfire night but now they have them before Halloween! I really don't think it is necessary.I love all the photos, your Cosmos still look wonderful, mine got beaten down in the recent high winds 😦

  10. Hi yes it is nice to still be having nice weather nearly the end of October too.The lady bird photos are great and good try to catch the one in flight.Flower photos look good too.

  11. Hi Joanne, it's been lovely! However I hear it's due to become really bad, right on queue for the first of November…So, as it's our last sunny/warm day I'm taking full advantage and have been outside most of the morning planting the last of the bulbs 🙂

  12. Hi Yoke, thanks, I'm glad you liked it 🙂 If only I'd caught it in focus… Perhaps next year.We do still have some Ladybirds around, I've seen a few already today.

  13. Hi Jan, Oh dear, are you unable to grow sweetpeas yourself?!!! I have hayfever but luckily I'm spared allergies to the sweetpeas!Bluebells seem to make me sneeze, I bring them in when they flower in spring as they're the hybrids and I don't want them hybridising with my true english bluebells. Their fragrance is very strong, but nice to have!Sorry to hear your Cosmos didn't make it 😦 Mine are still going, I have to deadhead them very frequently though and don't expect them to last much longer. Although if they're still here by mid November I'll be thrilled!

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