Farewell, beloved friend

As November takes a hold, I think it’s highly likely this is my last vase of Sweet Peas…

Until next year…

These flowers are wonderful, but few and far between…
Plenty of these small, traditional coloured ones
Their perfume is wonderful
I already have some seedlings growing ready for an early show next year…


19 thoughts on “Farewell, beloved friend

  1. If we had these flowers all year, we wouldn't have seasons either, Liz; now what fun is that? (mind you, you might be able to grow them all year in not too distant future, if temps are anything to go by. Here the Sweet Peas had a difficult summer, too much rain and too many gales too. You have all winter to look forward to the early show, which will light up your tears too (see last Honest Scrap post) And the early photos will light up this blog for us too. Thank you for their wonderful photos this summer.

  2. Hi Yoke,I have to agree with you, that with having seasons it does mean Spring is that bit extra special as the buds begin to appear…The sweetpeas here took a while to get going due to all the dry weather – they hate to be too dry and need a lot of water. so they only perked up once we got to October and began to get more rainfall… No doubt this is why they're still going now.

  3. Hi Cheryl,I have 6 seedlings up already, and I'm actually getting worried about them surviving winter at this rate. Perhaps I sowed them too soon and it's been too warm so they're ahead of themselves…They are lovely though, I decided to sow some now so I could extend their time in the house 🙂

  4. Oh, those rich jewel-tone colors are so scrumptious. Definitely some wall-worthy pictures there. How do you pick which ones to print and frame?

  5. Hi PG, the sweet peas are actually still going even now, since those photos I've had another bunch for the vase… Not as many, but some at least. I cannot believe they're still alive in the middle of November. They're not even in a shielded spot, but open to the full force of the high winds recently!

  6. Hi OIM, thanks for visiting my blog :)I'm amazed to see the sweetpeas are still around to be honest, there's little else in the garden at the moment but on Monday I collected another bunch of sweetpeas for the vase 🙂

  7. Hi VW :)Thanks for much for the lovely comment… It's much appreciated :)How do I pick which are wall-worthy?? Well, I don't to be honest, it's been a couple of years or more since I made any prints, but I do with gut feeling, and whatever pleases my eye the most.I do have a deviantart account and any popular images on there are usually also a good indication of just how good a photo is.

  8. Hi Jan, They do smell wonderful – even if you are allergic to them ;)(am I remembering correctly that they make you sneeze???)They're very welcome at the moment, in a small vase along with the Hydrangeas…

  9. Aaaah, I can practically smell them!!! I adore sweet peas – they are up there in my favorites but, for some very good reason that I can't quite remember (!) I didn't plant any this year and I was bereft :(….. and now I find Monica has been sending you my emails!!! 🙂

  10. Yes, well remembered Liz but there's not much that doesn't make me sneeze or wheeze or itch!By the way, is it you who doesn't like reality or your garden. I have always been intrigued by that but please don't feel obliged to explain, I'm only being nosy 😉

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