Nottinghamshire and Rufford Park

As autumn speedily moves into Winter there are gradually fewer subjects to blog about…

So for those of you unfamilar with ‘up north’, I thought you might like a short tour around some of North Nottinghamshire.

‘My’ area isn’t far from Sherwood Forest, so as you can imagine there’s a fair bit of pine forest around with Silver Birch and Oak mixed in with it. The estate I grew up on actually had ancient Walnuts, part of the original Sherwood… Although you could very well argue that since the entire country was once one massive forest the whole country is part of Sherwood…

Btw, did you realise Robin Hood was actually from Loxley, in Sheffield, some 20/30 miles north??

Anyway ‘get on with it!’ I hear you scream.

On the way to Rufford park, we’ve just passed Clumber Park.
The junction to Edwinstowe, and the Sherwood Forest visitor centre (with the Major Oak). Edwinstowe is a very nice, quaint town, go there rather than to the visitor centre… Much more interesting!
And now onto Rufford Park
A candid shot of people enjoying the park. There was little need to wrap up, surprisingly!
Last year in the garden centre I noticed a Robin flying around. This year was no exception… Only I discovered why!

I picked up a few things from the garden centre, some nice Wild Cranberry scented candles, which smell so nice I actually want to eat them! A mug with a Nuthatch on (my favourite bird) and then finally some reduced bulbs, just a mixed bag on 15 with Narcissi Rainbow and Tulipa Pink Impression. Although some lovely Hellebores did catch my eye and I have no idea why I didn’t pick them up…………
I was a good girl today and managed to get them planted already! Even if the Tulips were already sprouting… Oh well, they’ll be fine I’m sure, I bought Tulips from the same place on the same Saturday last year.

Rufford Park Abbey ruins and newer building… Sorry I have no idea what it is… Hmmm I ought to!
More of the ruins, I must go back in Spring or Summer. As I do love Rufford.
A lovely large tree… Uninteresting shot I know!
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Did you decorate for Chritmas? Buy presents?

My plans to get the tree didn’t quite turn out and should be picking one up during the week after work instead… Although I don’t see that happening either as Adam doesn’t usually get home from work until after 6pm… So we’ll see!


19 thoughts on “Nottinghamshire and Rufford Park

  1. That was a lovely tour, Liz! No decorating or presenting here. We don't do either. Besides, we have no room for a tree, anyway. Space is at a premium here.I'd also take pictures of such lovely rtees at the roadside. They have a presence which needs your attention, and pictures. so boring perhaps but I love it!

  2. Hi Liz….tku for sharing your area with us. I do love to see where others live…..Magnificent forest…..and I love old buildings……Isn't that Robin just so cute…..I am fortunate to live near Leeds Castle, Great Dixter, and Sissinghurst….I visit the castle regularly…..the gardens are natural and wild. Springtime is the best time to go…….Great post

  3. Hi Tatyana,Glad to hear you got your tree up! I haven't heard from my friend yet when he wants to get the trees… I imagine it's likely to be next weekend but he did promise sometime this week!

  4. Hi TM,The south of England is generally much flatter than up here in the north, although I cannot speak for the forests down there, there is Dartmoor to the south west, but that may be a little too bleak… 🙂

  5. Hi Yoke,Awww, I'd have to at least have a small tree… I have a small 2ft fibre optic tree that we used to use in a previous house but this year it'll be on its way to my parents for them to use since they now have something that slightly resembles a kitchen (have been building their house for at least 4 years and not once been able to have lights or a tree up) and they should now be able to at least have a tiny tree on a washing machine or something!I want to visit Clumber Park sometime to take shots of the pine forests… I haven't been to Clumber since I was probably around 17.

  6. Hi Cheryl,This area is actually where I grew up, but now live, as I'm sure you know in Sheffield. Although it's not massively different, just far more hills! Notthinghamshire is pretty much flat, but I think the peaks may slightly effect some of it…I'm afraid to say I've never been to any of your castles/stately homes down there… I've never been down in the south east corner before, the closest I've been is London and briefly to Dover.We have a few places up here, the most famous no doubt is Chatsworth but there is also Wentworth Castle, Canon Hall and I'm sure many more I've forgotten.There are many beautiful towns in Nottinghamshire that we passed through on our way to Southwell (Southwell itself is an historic town with Minster and many, huge, grand houses!), probably also far too expensive for me ever to live in…

  7. Hi Liz. Thanks for reminding me how nice Rufford is – it's been far too long since we last went there ……I guess life and tea houses get in the way!I spent many a happy day in Clumber Park as a child as it's only a short drive from Rotherham, where I grew up. Again, I haven't been there recently either except for a couple of 'concerts in the park' with picnics and fireworks a couple of years ago!Tree? Tree? – another week at least!!!

  8. Hi Liz,Rufford has always been my favourite of the parks, even if it is a little further out than Clumber and Sherwood…Yes I remember you are from Rotherham, so am I… Well, depends on how you see it really, rather a small town near Sheffield, Rovvram and Worksop (closest to Worksop than the others)… I’m not sure if you watch Top Gear but Jeremy Clarkson actually mentioned my town a couple of weeks ago! Lol, the wonderful town that it is and all…….. *cough*I’m one of those infuriating people that loves my tree and sparkly lights… So usually it goes up very early, this year however I am not too bothered as I am in Grinch mode and am grumping around everywhere unable to get any cheer.Like a bear with a sore head!

  9. I enjoyed seeing photos of your area. Your robin looks different than the kind in the U.S. I don't know what kind of bird that is walking on the bricks, but it sure is cool looking! Thank you for picking some of my posts on blotanical.

  10. I enjoyed this trip to the park with you very much. We even got to go shopping with you. I should have picked up some of those candles. LOL It sounds like they smell great! I think my favorite shots were of the quiet light over the pond. It must have been so beautiful there in person. I can almost feel the calmness. Oh, and no. There is no tree as yet. This weekend for sure though!

  11. I also wanted to add but forgot to actually do it…I love the old castle. I don't know how it is for you living where you can actually see one in person but for me it sounds entirely like a fairy tale.

  12. Much appreciated virtual visit.If I can't make it over the pond, this is surely the next best thing. I've created a wreath because a good friend always hosts a wreath-making party. Other than that, I can't seem to get motivated about decorating indoors.Well, I did clip some lovely Echeveria rosettes for the dining room table, but they don't really count ;-)Alice

  13. Hi Lona,We haven’t yet really entered Winter here, today was our first real frost, previously we have had a light frost but today is quite a good hoar frost! I just wish I was at home to take photos of it… So yes there are still leaves around on some trees – but it is still a surprise because we’ve been battered with harsh winds a few weeks ago now…Thanks for visiting my blog, it’s much appreciated!

  14. A lovely post Liz! And great to get a 'flavour' of your 'patch'. I haven't been to your area at all, equally I don't know the London area either, blogging makes me realise how little I have strayed from my own home turf! However, there is one important connection with Nottingham itself as that is where Louis came from, my husband drove through a heavy snowstorm to fetch him!It looks like you have some lovely scenery around you. That Moorhen looked like it was rather away from its usual habitat :)No tree here yet, things haven't been going according to plan at all lately. The speed with which Christmas has approached this time is astonishing!

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