Snow in Sheffield

Finally we got the snow!

Previously it was a rather pathetic attempt, probably not even managing 1cm, but now I’d estimate there’s a little over an inch 🙂

And since I’m off all week, I get to enjoy it this time, snow angel’s here we come!

I’m afraid there are a lot of images, and you may well want to either make yourself a cup of tea to view them or get some matchsticks to keep your eyelids open…

The pathetic covering we had on Saturday…
And I believe the Sweet Pea has finally died… My hopes of a vase on Christmas day are now destroyed!
Dead Sedum
Penstemon looking unhappy
Frost on the Campanula leaves
Under my small Fuji Cherry
Last night we had a wonderful sunset…
And a beautiful sunrise
The city quickly disappeared in the snow
I doubt the Rose flowers will survive this
Poor Magpie…
The snow then stopped and began to quickly melt away…

The birds wasted no time coming out for food.
Can you make it out on the Pyracantha??
A plane flies overhead… I wonder where they’re off to?
Mr BB peeks around
Whose feet made these??
Ornamental grass wears the snow perfectly
Today I went shopping for the final food stuffs, we came out to snow falling, big heavy fat snow… It may not stay around too long though because it’s obviously warm enough for the flakes to fuse together. We’ll see what happens, I hope the birdies are ok, at one point we had three Robins fighting for food… I brushed snow off some of the walls for sunflower hearts, I’m sure even Mr Fox will appreciate them!

I hope you are ready for Christmas, may you have a wonderful time with those you love!


34 thoughts on “Snow in Sheffield

  1. Wonderful images Liz. You always manage to capture something unique.I love the city, such a clear image….only to see it disappear under the falling snow….Yes poor magpie…..I feel so sorry for the birds. We have had snow overnight…the previous days snow has turned to ice, so we now have snow on ice. A nightmare when it comes to driving…..I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holds all your dreams….

  2. Some great shots love the sunrise and the bird peeping round the corner but all great you clearly enjoyed yourself. I am hoping our snow will go tomorrow as we are forecast rain.

  3. Hi Cheryl,Thank you so much 😀 The city often disappears as the clouds roll in off the Peaks, amazing to watch!I hope you are staying in tomorrow, I wouldn't want to try travelling in such conditions. I hear buses, taxi's and such have stopped here… Doesn't surprise me, a few years ago when I lived in a different area we'd often be snowed in, with buses stopping because of all the hills. I'd likely be expected to walk in tomorrow if I were working :DThank you for the Christmas wishes, I too hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time!

  4. Hi Joanne,I was gradually getting a little too excited as I could clearly see the massive differences in snow levels in just a matter of 10 minutes!Thank you for the lovely comments, I'm glad you liked the photos :)Actually I don't want the snow to last too long, if we get rain eventually tomorrow I wouldn't mind – as long as I get to make a snowman first!

  5. Hi Liz…..I am actually going out tomorrow. My daughter and I have tickets to take the children to the O2 to see Peter Pan.I am hoping the temperatures will rise tomorrow and the snow/ice will melt a little……

  6. Hi Cheryl,I hope you have fun watching Peter Pan, I remember seeing it at the cruicible as a child… :)It seems to be relatively warm today, barely needed the heating on yet and out gritting this morning I didn't even need gloves. So much for the -8C temps today??

  7. Hi TM,lol, well I had 33 photos to post and managed to cut it down a little bit… :)We've had some very pretty skies recently, and I love the cool pastel colours of winter. Very pretty!

  8. Hi Liz, great photos – Sheffield looks nice in the snow!!!We had a bit more than you did and had a big snowball fight and built a huge snowman in the dark last night – good times :)Pity it was spoilt by a taxi driver sliding into me today though! Ouch 😦

  9. Hi Liz,Thanks for visiting my blog. I took your advice, and brewed a cup of tea, then came back, and enjoyed your lovely photos. I think my favorite is the one with the bird peeking around whatever it was.It looks like we are supposed to get more snow Christmas Eve and Day. We may have to change our plans.Merry Christmas!

  10. Hi Lona, thanks, I'm glad you liked the photos :)In some ways I do hope the snow is here on Christmas day, I just wish until then it would disappear and then snow again on Thursday night! Never happy, us Brits!!

  11. Hi Liz,What do you mean it looks nice in the snow? As if it doesn't any other time??? ha ha ha.Sorry to hear you got hit by a Taxi, I hope you're ok now??

  12. Hi Sue,The Blackbird was hiding behind one of our pots, today I had 6 of them all fighting for seeds I had put out on the wall in the snow :)Snow on Christmas day, how perfect!

  13. Hi Alice,You haven't yet got Christmas dinner? lol, we got ours on Sunday so I'm pretty much finished for everything. I just need some last minute things and realised today I forgot to pick up ribbon for presents…

  14. Love the photos you took whilst it was snowing. I haven't had much success at turning out a good picture in the same situation, so I am envious. And a good reminder to get to the grocery store for the last minute things…thanks.Christine in Alaska

  15. Brrrrrrr – I am chilly after perusing this post Liz 🙂 Great photos of a snowy world. There's more of the white stuff coming down in north Cheshire tonight. Wishing you peace and happiness at Christmas and in the new year.

  16. We Brits get very excited about the snow as long as we're not stuck on those congested roads or not planning to get out of the country on holiday. Your photos were a pleasure to view especially the sunrise. We're still under the blanket up here and a 2nd night of probably -11. I had some of the local ducks this morning in the garden looking to get fed.

  17. Beautiful photo's again, Liz. I don't know Sheffield as a city at all. But as a gardener I do know of the experimental city verge flower plantings which I've been following with interest for some years. Have tried out some of their mixes too, which were very effective, even on the small scale.Thanks for stopping by my blog.Johnson

  18. Never too many pictures, darling. Love them all; the (almost) monochrome are my favourite, I think. Brings out the atmosphere best. Hope you had a good Christmas. And happy gardening and blogging, Liz.

  19. And very lovely they are, these many photos. (Fortunately, I'm using someone else's computer so I can see them – so many would never have loaded on my slow little laptop.)I wish we had snow. We had some flakes and got excited but there were never enough to be beautiful.Robins – like doves they are fierce creatures . . . pretty but deadly.Best wishes for 2010.Esther

  20. I am late seeing this post, but I'm glad i didn't miss it. The photos are so beautiful. You have captured an ethereal quality in your winter. I especially like the sunrise shot.

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