Not more snow?!

Yes I know by now you’re well and truly bored of snow photos… But it’s so rare we get so much, and so DEEP!!! I’m shocked at how deep it is, I’ve taken tomorrow off because with very cold night temperatures it’s just going to freeze over and there’s no way I intend on sliding down the hill on my bum.

Eventually we were allowed to go home at 2:30, obviously enough people had complained saying if we wait until 4pm when it’s getting dark and then have to walk home it’s just not safe.

When I left a few bus routes were running again so I caught one part of the way and roped my brother into meeting me to walk the last stretch with me. I was amazed that all the roads were totally clear!! Where were all the buses?!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There was no reason at all that no buses were running up the hill I live on, a plough even drove past us as we trudged through the slush and in places, deep snow – thank lord I bought some boots yesterday in anticipation of the snow!

Snow man building for me tomorrow… Worried for the birds though, I’m very low on seeds now and I don’t think they will last until the weekend, I knew I should’ve popped into B&Q when I went past.


19 thoughts on “Not more snow?!

  1. Glad you're home safe and sound …I was a bit concerned about you walking home in the dark!Himself actually listened to me for once and he was back from Rotherham by 4.30 – said it was the easiest run home he'd had in a long time!The big freeze tonight, so I think you're dead right not to go in tomorrow. I'm hoping the school we should be in (out at Clowne!) will be shut – I don't fancy the roller coaster road out to clowne even in my Landy!!!

  2. Hi Liz……glad you are home and dry. Good thinking getting the boots. We are expecting heavy snowfall tonight…….Love the last few photos……you are very clever with your camera…….I stocked up on bird seed today…..they will not do well in this weather.The heron came by today….I am a little worried about it. All the local ponds are frozen over.

  3. Could never get bored with snow photos – it makes everywhere look so different. We have never seen so much in my neck of the woods near Liverpool, for years. Glad that you got home safely and do not have to go out to work tomorrow.

  4. Hi Liz,Strangely it only took me half an hour to get home, I had anticipated it taking much longer… I'm glad himself made it home ok, and I can well believe it being very easy for him to get home, like I said all the main roads around us were totally clear… Grrrr buses.I hope Clowne is shut, no doubt it will be since most schools are today! And since Clowne is in the countryside I imagine lots of people will be unable to get there.I'm going to make a snowman today, just waiting for my brother to get out of bed… Hmmm could be a while!

  5. Hi Helen,I can in theory work from home as we do have remote desktop, but my managers are and they generally won't allow us to do it. We had an email come round yesterday from IT saying so many people were working from home that the remote desktopping was almost at capacity.The reality is though, all the students are on exam leave or not yet back after Christmas and the academics are 'working from home' which pretty much means they're still on holiday. So I have very little work to do!I hope you too keep warm, and enjoy your time at home! 🙂

  6. Hi Lona,Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked them! :)I plan on attempting more, this time using my tripod and remote so I can get more of the image in focus… I just need some fresh snow to fall now…

  7. Hi Cheryl,I hope the snow is not too deep for you… I went out to refil the feeders and it was well past my ankles. The birds are fighting for food and we had some Bullfinches in :)I may put out some oats for the Blackbirds too, try to bulk up the sunflower hearts… I may have to also bake some buns for them as pretty much all the birds love the fairy cakes.Hmmmm Herons will eat pretty much anything including mice and chicks, so I am sure it will be able to find food somewhere…

  8. Hi Anna,I love how all the trees are also covered with snow, I am not used to that as we usually have so little it doesn't really cover the branches and such :)Although as pretty as it is, I know by tomorrow or Friday I'll be very fed up of it. I think I'll be wearing my wellies to work tomorrow so I don't skid over.

  9. Hi Karen,Thanks :)Still waiting to make the snowman, rounding up the troops to make one is proving difficult and I think I may end up going out on my own and doing it.

  10. Great photos Liz! It looks like that here today, we have had very heavy snow. Glad you got home safely in the end.Poor birds! They are desperate to survive, perhaps you could supplement the seed you have left with grated cheese, apples, sultanas?

  11. I've enjoyed catching up on your snowy photos. The macro shots of the snowflake pile are my favorites. Good luck staying safe and warm with all the white stuff around.

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