And now for something different…

You may (or may not) remember me posting a few months ago a link to a competition over at Fennel and Fern, I entered a number of photographs and asked for you all to vote for me.

Well, my prize arrived last week sometime – International Garden Photographer of the Year book. I have to admit I haven’t heard of it, but now I may just be slightly interested in entering a macro photo next year 🙂 Doh, I just found out the competition has been running… I guess I won’t be entering!

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, and Isabel at Fennel and Fern for choosing my photo in the first place and sending my prize. It’s much appreciated!

And here’s the winning photograph (again):


22 thoughts on “And now for something different…

  1. Hi Liz – great photo and a well deserved win! It really made me smile :)Hope you're feeling a bit less battered today? I did my best to organise a thaw for you ….it's worked over Chesterfield, it's chucking it down here!Re the arnica cream for bruises – you can get it in Boots or Superdrug. It REALLY works – and given how often I have bruises I should know!The Tiger Balm you'll find in Chinese Herbalists. I know there are a couple in Meadowhell is downstairs by M&S. It is brilliant on aches and pains.I'm hobbling around a bit today too! We managed to get to work – but as all our Tai Chi classes start with a fast warm up (think STEPS 5678 !) and we did 8 classes Wed and 10 classes yesterday, having not done any for 5 weeks, I'm a bit stiff – and smell of Tiger Balm!!!

  2. Hi Tatyana,Thank you so much 🙂 It really is a very strange little caterpillar! Seriously you'd think I painted the face on it – my brother did until I showed him the original photo!

  3. Hi Ryan,Thank you, I'm glad you liked my photo :)I use a Canon DSLR 50D and the love of my life – a 100mm Macro lens. I think a piece of me might just die if I ever broke or lost the lens…

  4. Hi Helen,Lol, I'm not surprised that you have hijacked your son's book! There are some truly amazing shots in there, and one of the macro anemone shots is eerily like one of my own!

  5. Hi Debs,I know! Seriously if I didn't know it was the real thing I'd be assuming someone had a little too much fun in photoshop adding a happy face to it!

  6. Hi Liz,Thank you, I'm glad you liked my photo :)My muscles are much better thanks, certainly as the day has gone on and I've been stretching them everytime I went to the toilets… Had a close call this morning again because the pavements were all slippy but thankfully no black ice!Tomorrow I'll be clearing the pavement unless it's all melted overnight, although I hear we're due heavy rain tomorrow so I may not bother…Ouchie, I hope you're not too stiff either! lol, how long do your classes last if you managed 10 in one day??!!

  7. Hi Barbara,lol, yes I almost wanted to pet it too, and it seemed to be holding out its little front arms asking for a hug! A very surreal few minutes with a crazy caterpillar with a ginger wig and happy face asking me for a hug!I soon let him go home though…

  8. Hi Joanne,Thanks – Are you not one for insects and spiders then?For the most part I don't mind spiders and such, as long as they're out in the garden and aren't those huge beastie house spiders… Eeeek!!!

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