GBBD – Jan 2010

Now, I realise I’m late for this… But since I was at work on the 15th and if I’m completely honest I hadn’t even realised what the date was I didn’t quite manage to post on the correct date… Sorry!

Since there’s been snow/ice covering everything I’ve been unable to get garden shots, however I opted for taking photos of Orchids instead. The weather has been miserable today (but snow and ice has melted, woo hoo) out came the remote and tripod for shots.

I have a feeling not everyone appreciates my bokeh packed photos, so I have had a play with depth of field (dof for those in-the-know), see for yourself what a difference it can make to the emotion of the image!

(this is just to prove that yes, I can take clear photos! I just choose not to)

Large dof
Large dof
Large dof
Large dof
Large dof
Perhaps I should’ve gone to the extremes and had an even larger dof…

The truth be told, I don’t like images in complete focus, I feel the eye gets confused and doesn’t know where to focus, where as the bokeh images lead you in so you know exactly where I am trying to tell you to look.

Plus I think it looks far more romantic and magical. I like magic.


22 thoughts on “GBBD – Jan 2010

  1. Liz, These are spectacular and you have illustrated your soft focus point perfectly… out of focus. Magic indeed! Emotion, romance and utter beauty of form and color. Brava! Carol

  2. I presume bokeh is something to do with soft focus is it? It's not a word I've come across before – but then, I'm only a bog-standard point and shooter, not a posh photographer like you!!!Gorgeous orchids :)Did you get the email in 2 parts?!

  3. Hi Liz….we all see things differently….what is beautiful to one person, could be dull and boring to another.Personally, I love the images that you display on your blog. They are so different to mine…….and I respect your talent as a photographer.I just take photographs to show people what is happening in my garden….if they like them great…..I looked after a friends orchid collection while she was in the process of moving. I ended up looking after them for three months. She had 25….it was an absolute nightmare…I hate looking after other peoples plants.Only one died…..

  4. Hi Carol,Thank you, I'm glad you like the photos :)I am certain some people look at my photos and wonder why I don't have everything in focus and no doubt think it's a mistake…

  5. Hi Rebecca,I try to explore plants at much as I can, there are some which still stump me and it's very difficult to get anything 'interesting' or 'unique'… Such as Agapanthus, it still beats me after 5 years of trying.

  6. Hi Lona,Thank you very much, the Orchid flowers are actually very small only around 3/4cm across, so they aren't the easiest to capture compared to the much larger flowering Orchids.

  7. Hi Liz,Yes bokeh is basically small amounts of focus and lots of blurry bits, bokeh images often feature light blobs in them, twinkling lights and such or water drops rolled in glitter.I got your email in one piece, I'll reply tomorrow if that's ok as I've been out most of the day in Birmingham.

  8. Hi Yoke,Thank you muchly, most of the time I don't really see my photos as photos… I think of them as art or paintings in their own right.Some, indeed if I were to buy prints people may not even realise they're photos and rather abstract paintings 🙂

  9. Hi Cheryl,Indeed, we're all looking for something different. Some simply want to show others a little peek into their world, others wish to tell a story.I try to show the world as I see it. Full of beauty, mystery, romance and magic… Each person has their own way of showing that.25 Orchids really is impressive!I have three and one of those was intended for my desk… hee hee. It's quite happy on the windowledge so far!Looking after other people's plants is as bad as looking after pets, you can always guarantee they'll pass away!!

  10. Magic was the word I was going to use to describe the bokeh, but then you used it at the end of the post! I guess the best DOF depends on whether you're trying to create a mood or present as much detail accurately as possible.

  11. Hi VW,Exactly yes, some prefer to show plenty of detail… I'm looking to create art instead. I see my photos more like abstract paintings…Perhaps I ought to be painting things instead? Pick up the old paints and brushes again that I left behind 4 years ago…

  12. New word for me.Perhaps, since you are in this mode . . . would it be possible to have bigger writing?(Grovel, grovel?)LucyP.S. I have an extra problem because your blog doesn't fit on my screen so I have to reduce it to 75% . . . which makes the writing almost disappear! L.

  13. Hi again Liz, what a great posting. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how you like to see your photos. Orchids just call out to be photographed too. Very nice :-DSorry I haven’t been by in a while. Hope you haven’t seen a new covering of snow… I’m guessing you don’t want it 😉

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