Macro Monday

This is what happens when you’re bored during winter…

You end up playing with your camera… Tell you, it’s not easy trying to take macro shots of your own iris with the one hand. Felt like I was taking a ‘myspace’ shot!


Hmmm next time I’ll touch up the mascara! 🙂 Oh and I think the bloodshot part must’ve been from my fall, heaven knows how it happened but it became bloodshot and hurt a lot to rub my eye.

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26 thoughts on “Macro Monday

  1. i love looking at the patterns of diferent iris's (not sure if that is the correct plural?) … yours is lovely, smokey and wispy. my eyes have rings like tie dye.sorry to hear about your fall … hope your eye pain eases.xthanks for the link … off to investigate macro mondays

  2. oh I love it! I've been experimenting with digital pinhole for just this sort of craziness, but I'm stuck for lacking a specific sized needle. I have to wait until I'm headed to town. Eyeballs are out though because of the long exposures, but yours is fantastic:)

  3. Most amusing. I too have been playing trying to get to know my camera and photo editing. I needed a passport sized photo for my Bus pass yes I am officially an old woman. My husband thought I was mad doing it when I could just walk into a booth but where's the fun in that.Anyway I finally achieved what I wanted.

  4. Good grief! That was a bit too close for comfort after all the tests etcetera I had a few days ago, prior to eye surgery! I dread to think what we will see next time you are 'bored'!!!

  5. Hi Cheryl,lol, it wasn't too difficult, just required some contorting my hands into weird shapes to be able to hold a large camera and even larger lens and to press the shutter button all with the one hand.Perhaps next time I'll get someone to do it for me, they might also be able to get closer shots too with manual focus as I was relying on automatic.

  6. Hi Ginny,I do have some small patches of yellow, which don't seem to have shown up in the shots… Perhaps because of the flash.I wonder if they are a bad sign?? My brother's wife is an optometrist, no doubt she would know.The pain didn't last long, only the one night but I assume it remained bloodshot for a little while after. This photo was taken a week or so ago…

  7. Hi JP,Digital pinhole sounds very interesting! I wasn’t aware it was possible on digital, I’ve played around with it using an actual pinhole camera and photosensitive paper when I was at college. I also love playing with Holga cameras for the interesting techniques you can use – mainly double exposing a shot 🙂

  8. Hi Joanne,Lol, playing with cameras can be fun, especially the ‘old school’ type before digital came along… I’ve had this macro lens for 3/4 years now and haven’t yet got a good eye shot, it’s actually the first time I’ve tried to take my own iris shot!Next time I ought to use a tripod instead, or better still… Get someone else to take the photo!

  9. Hi Kiki,Thanks! I’m thrilled you liked it, I can feel more Iris shots coming, I’d love to get good shots of my boyfriends as they’re a wonderful dark brown… More difficult to see detail though.

  10. Hi John,Lol, yes a contortionist! Thanks. Not at all easy, but I have now realised one mistake I made which could’ve made the whole process much easier to get the shot… Next time!

  11. Hi Shirl,Lol, oh no I’ll be starting up a myspace page soon and posting lots of shots of myself looking seductively up at the camera!!Maybe not 😉

  12. Hi Colleen,I am sure I could have made it easier to take the shot of my eye, if you have a small point and shoot digital with super macro you may be able to get something similar yourself!

  13. Hi Jan,Ouch, I hope your eye(s) are/is ok after your surgery and that your vision is now improved!!!A few years ago I had surgery on m coccyx and there were lots of other patients there to have eye surgery… Having eye drops to numb the eye prior to going in… Mind, not so sure which surgery I would’ve rather had! Ha ha.Not to worry though, I’m pretty certain any other ‘macro Monday’ entries are highly likely to be the usual plant shots 🙂

  14. Sorry Liz! I think I misled you, I had lots of tests and investigations last week but the surgery is still to come 😦 I'm so not looking forward to it but have to have it done as my sight will continue to deteriorate. I was led to believe (and put on one of my posts) it would be laser surgery but it turns out that isn't the case after all. I should have one eye done within about 17 weeks and the other by the end of the year.Surgery on your coccyx!! That sounds very uncomfortable!

  15. wow, lovely shot, Liz; The bloodshot veins do give the iris an extra dimension, but I still hope it will heal soon. Perhaps you need to be bored more often, if we get to be treated to something this lovely. I never get bored. Spring is around the corner, don't worry-and from now on it won't be long!

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