Sunday Safari

My apologies, it’s another one of those incredibly long posts… It’s been such a wonderful day and there’s been so much to photograph that I just couldn’t help myself!

You will be shocked to hear this is actually a cut-down version too!


Please, grab yourself a hot drink, or maybe even some whisky to help this one go down…

Dark border in the front garden, I’ve never seen so much colour in it! Haha, more needs to be added next year.
My large pot by the front door, crammed with Irises, looks amazing.
Muscari is almost there…
As is the Anemone
The growth is just a few days has shocked me, these Allium are so much larger
Snake’s Head Fritileria
Black Currant leaves opening
The only ‘prins claus’ to have survived – the smaller one on the right
Sweet Pea seedlings have been pinched out
Cosmos seedling
Autumn Cherry is finally in flower…
Clematis ‘willy’ buds almost open
The big Bumbles are out now, plenty of Queens seen
And the smaller Honey Bees too
I even managed to have some washing out to dry…
I’ve no idea where this white Anemone has come from… I bought only the blues, but it’s very welcome!
First 2 spotted Ladybird in the garden.
Nature can be so cruel sometimes…

I found this Queen by the door, I noticed the cobwebs and knew something was wrong. On closer inspection I thought a spider had got her…

I hope she survives, I tried to get rid of the tick/mite for her, but she flew away.

Wolf Spiders were out in force today…
Urgh, is anyone else itching now after seeing that poor Queen Bee??



12 thoughts on “Sunday Safari

  1. You have so many early spring flowers in bloom. The densely planted pot of iris is very attractive, a sea of blue. I love the purple striped crocus flowers. I'll have to head out tomorrow, lift some leaf mulch, and check closer for signs of crocus. My Muscari don't usually bloom until the end of May, and even into June, but yours are real spring bulbs.

  2. Hi Sweetbay,Thank you very much, I also enjoyed your spring photos very much! You have so much in flower, and you’re tempting me to get myself a winter flowering honeysuckle – not that I needed much!

  3. Hi Lisa/Robb,I don’t actually know how you determine the gender, but as *most* Bees are female – I made an assumption. At this time of year it’s easy to recognise the Queen Bumbles as they are much larger and must be searching for somewhere to start their own colony.

  4. Hi NS,I have to admit, I do tend to focus on Spring a little too much… It is my favourite season and all the others seem to be forgotten to some extent…The large pot filled with Iris is a product of me emptying smaller pots where I’d placed lots of bulbs in as a temporary measure when we were buying the house, I just got all the bulbs and planted them in any spare spaces I could find… Obviously I put quite a few in this pot without realising it! But it does look stunning, and the tulips/violas which are to follow should help lengthen the flowering period somewhat. I do not think I have anything in there to flower after though.I hope you find signs of spring in your own garden, nothing lifts the sprits quite as much as seeing the first plants peeping up through the soil

  5. Lovely safari Liz…..There is nothing quite like spring to lift the spirits and to get us all in gardening mode.Love your bees, especially the one sunning itself on your washing….obviously likes the smell of your fabric conditioner…I do hate to see mite on bees, sadly I see them a little too often now…..

  6. always such a delight to visit your garden. your photos are wonderful and everything is bursting alive… i hope your bumble survived. i have seen some lady birds in mine but no bumbles yet.happy weekend x

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