Macro Monday

And time for another macro bokeh instalment!

If you too would like to take part in Macro Monday, leave your link at: Lisa’s Chaos


38 thoughts on “Macro Monday

  1. Ooooh, that's creative! And so beautiful! My favourite is the fourth from the bottom, such a lovely deep yellow against the purple petals!

  2. Hi Jay,I think my favourite is possibly the first one, the very narrow depth of field just makes me feel soft and warm inside lol.Thank you very much for looking at them 🙂

  3. Hi Meredith,Thank you very much, I perhaps went overboard with the Crocus images this year… I have many to delete off my laptop… Little wonder my Harddrive is currently screaming… Do I really need to keep a such scary amounts of photos??

  4. Hi Jan,Thank you very much! Macro is amazing isn’t it? So many things you would never have seen… Such abstract shapes let’s not forget, it all seems so magical!

  5. Hi Liz,A’reet?! Ow’s tha’ doin’? Ah, hope tha’s tea room’s goin’ a’reet.Cheers bird foh‘ compliment, glad yer like ‘em.Ok, so it really is difficult trying to type in ‘Sheffield’. Considering how quickly that would’ve been said it took far longer to type and I’m no slow-coach typist!

  6. Hi Anna,Thanks, I try to get different views of things, but it isn’t always easy… Plus there are the few odd plants which seem to be very difficult to get any unusual angles on… A few still evade me, it’s impossible to get interesting or unique shots of them, no matter how hard I try.

  7. Liz these are a beautiful set of photos – gardening organically and with wildlife in mind – all important for a good garden in my view – great to see the real first signs of spring with the arrival of butterflies, swallows and hedgehogs here – have a good weekend Miranda x

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