End of Month View – March 2010

Wow, is it really that time again??

So, what has happened since last month? Well all the Iris and Crocus have been and gone and we’re now in another lull until the Alliums and Bluebells open – how annoying?!

Some Snowdrops are still with us and a few Crocus in the front garden the Primroses are also in full flower, none of which I have taken photos of to show on here.

I have managed to put some plants in, which really ought to have been planted in Autumn…And I currently have 6(!!) spring pots by the front door, all looked stunning when the Iris were in flower… So the Violas and Skimmia are keeping the colour going until the Tulips and Daffodils flower.

Some Anemone are coming into flower
Surprise white one…
The rest are all blue
Muscari are coming into flower
Muscari, Viola and the Hellebore in the background is *still* in flower… that’s 4 months now!
Hawthorn leaves, I love the vibrant shade when they first emerge!
Clematis ‘Marjorie’! I am *so* excited to see her flower.
Fresh Cotoneaster leaves
And fresh Rose leaves
Aubrieta will soon join the party.
And the Winter Jasmine is flowering happily, hidden from view.
I expect the Fuji Cherry and Forsythia to also flower in the next week – other Forsythia’s around me are flowering *grumble grumble grumble*

Missing from the above are photos of the Autumn Cherry in blossom, and a few bulbs peeping their heads up which I believe to be ‘Glory of the Sun’ and a few Daffodils… Speaking of Daffs, I am yet to see any sign of the ‘Silver Chimes’ planted a couple of years ago… I hope they come back, they were late flowering compared to others, not a fan of Daffodils but I will be upset if they don’t come up.


23 thoughts on “End of Month View – March 2010

  1. Lovely pictures again Liz. My winter flowering cherries are still not in full bloom- and my almond tree has just begun, but is slow.I am so afraid this very sudden and cold snap will turn to damaging frosts.AGGH.

  2. Hi Liz…..a very spring like garden. I must say daffs are not a favourite of mine but after a long hibernation period they are a welcome bit of colour to the garden. Also useful to the bumbles…..I love anemones but they are a definate 'no', rabbits love them.It is so cold today 4C and torrential icy rain. A bit of warmth would be nice for Easter, I am not optimistic……

  3. Hi Julie,Thank you very much :)I know what you mean about the cold snap… Not only will it damage the plants, but also I worry for the insects which have finally emerged too… Oh dear, I hope they all survive.You reminded me about the Almond… Our Russian Dwarf Almond is just getting its leaves and I look forward to its flowers, such a vibrant almost fluorescent pink!

  4. Hi Rebecca,I wonder whether as they reproduce they revert back to white? Most likely it’s just some stray white ones being mixed in with the blues… I actually found another white one and I’ve discovered I also have a while snake’s head Fritillary! (but I forgot to post photos of them) 🙂

  5. Hi CV,Thanks, although it feels like there isn’t enough happening! Sometimes it’s difficult to see past all the browns and greys to see the positives that things are beginning to show their colours!

  6. Hi Cheryl,Indeed, the Daffs do have their uses, I chose the ‘silver chimes’ because they’re white and I can cope with them… It’s just the garish yellow ‘common’ Daffs that I avoid. Although I am beginning to appreciate them more just for the colour and cheer they bring to an otherwise boring garden. I got some in some bulb mixes in Autumn and had planned to pass them to mum, however she didn’t want them so I have planted them myself… I would never have bought them otherwise and I am actually grateful to have them now.Shame that the Rabbits love Anemones… They’re such wonderful small flowers, and would look amazing under your trees in the coppice!Our sleet, snow and icy rain never came… We’ve had some nasty showers this morning but everything is back to sunshine/clear skies – although I am under no illusion that it is still very cold in the high winds!The sun in coaxing me out into the garden, I’m itching to get home to do something – anything…

  7. Hi Yoke,Thank you kindly!It’s funny how a few of us seem to dislike Daffodils, yet they seem to be everywhere! They’re all over the city at the moment, brightening up the grass until the vibrant greens of fresh growth appear…

  8. I think, to some degree, we have different tastes in flowers. I like forsythia, for one thing . . . and having rebelled against daffodils in previous years because of mass-plantings by the council, I bought lots of different varieties in the autumn and am glad now that I did. I didn't take note of what I bought – just went round putting bulbs in a paper bag, trying to make as long a flowering season as I could but avoiding doubles. There are lots of little ones, a few with orange trumpets (not sure about them) and the very tall, pale and elegant ones just beginning to open now.On the other hand, I'm not a fan of pansies or aubretia.I hope to have a winter jasmine one day! I do envy you that.Esther

  9. Hi HM,I love watching the leaves opening, on my way to work I pass woodland and I watch as the buds are appearing – the Blackthorn blossom is almost open! It's such a thrill to watch everything gradually turning green.

  10. Hi Esther,To be honest the Forsythia is not a favourite of mine and isn't a shrub I would ever buy (I didn't know you could get them in white, I'm so tempted to replae this yellow one!)… It came with the garden, a lot of what I have at the moment was already here and it is only now coming into my third year in the house that I'm beginning to have more control and can start removing the plants I would not ordinarily wish to have… For the past two years it's been a case of leaving plants as it's better than having nothing.Yellows in general are never colours I pick, some yellows I have because they're food for butterfly larvae – doesn't mean I like them though :)Pansies = no, viola's I can put up with but they are never a major feature, this is the first year I've actively planted them in pots. And usually only in purples.Anything big, blousy and garish are a massive no for me. No Pelagoniums or busy Lizzies are allowed anywhere near my house!Perennial, cottage, prairie style planting is me… Grasses, movement and romance is what I want. But it's going to take a long while to get there.

  11. Liz, I love the softness of your close-up photos. You do have some lovely flowers, with many more coming soon. I like anemones. Yours are very pretty. I once planted anemones, but they unfortunately perished before they ever bloomed. Maybe I'll get the courage to try again.

  12. More lovely photos Liz – looks like you were spared snow after all! It's been a busy week this end trying to get everyone's gardens ready for Easter but succeeded in doing the ones I had to do which is always great! Have a lovely Easter Miranda x

  13. Really lovely photos! So pleased I found your blog. Can't believe you've had hellebore flowers for four months, mine are only just coming out of the ground now!

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