Macro Monday – Blue Skies

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The weather has been glorious over the weekend, so although there was very little change in the garden since the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, I still felt compelled to take some shots…


24 thoughts on “Macro Monday – Blue Skies

  1. Hi Shirl,Lol, I'm no good at long-range shots! (I actually took some border shots of Alliums with you in mind over the weekend)And to be honest, right now there's nothing to see… Everything is still distinctly brown or dirty green (moss, algae).Have patience my young padwan 😛 I have a post up my sleeve for later in the week.

  2. Hi Cheryl,Indeed, not to mention the amazingly warm weekend we had, today is sunshine again… Not so warm yet though!Btw, have you seen the ash clouds?? I’m pretty certain I can see it every night settling across the city… Normally it’s not quite *that* hazy, I really ought to take photos of it.

  3. Hi Pam,Thanks! It’s a shame most things are weeks behind in their growth though, as by now we’re usually creeping closer to Summer with May being only a stone’s throw away!

  4. Hi Liz….no I havn't seen the ash cloud….we seem to be pretty clear here at the moment My brother and his wife are stuck in Thailand….they should have been home last Friday. They have been given a date of May 10th to fly home. What a nightmare….

  5. Hi Cheryl,Today seems clear, yesterday it was so hazy I could barely see the city centre! I really wish I'd taken photos now to show how bad it was.I hear another lot of ash it on its way though, so I might get the chance tomorrow.Sorry to hear about your brother, I cannot imagine how stressful it must be – I hope he has his own place and isn't being taken for a ride by hotels charging the earth!I'm wondering how many student will begin claiming they're abroad, I bet we'll have lots claiming extensions and even avoiding exams!

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