Blooms update

The growing season is upon us and the garden seems to change on a daily basis…

Some of my spring pots on the front steps…The yellow is surprisingly nice in such a shady area… Yes there are more Daffs and Tulips, I must’ve been drunk when I was planting because I honestly cannot remember having so many!
Brunnera also in the front garden, brightening up one of the darkest areas.
In the back garden now… Aquilegia and Alliums are stealing the show at the moment as they are both almost in flower.
Russian Dwarf Almond is teasing me with the promise of its stunning blossom.
Bleeding heart is gorgeous as ever…
‘Silver Chimes’??? I think it is, although the blooms seem to be smaller than I remember??
Oxalis – Oh how I love this dainty little shamrock. Love it so much.
Raspberry buds bring promise of the summer to come!
Tulipa ‘Pink Impression’, perhaps a little too pink for me… I’m not yet decided on whether I like it, at least it is bringing some colour to the garden!
Narcissus ‘Rainbow’ is also blooming next to the Tulips. Perfect timing!
Alpine Strawberry also brings promise of the summer 🙂
Aubrieta – why is it impossible for me to accurately capture its colour???
Pheasant’s tail grass is planted in the new border… *hint* *wink*


18 thoughts on “Blooms update

  1. Our bleedinh hearts is a little behind yours – just in bud.have your daffs been planted long as they do multiply – we even have varieties we didn't plant which I assume are cross pollinated seedlings.Lovely to see things growing isn't it?

  2. Hi Liz….you are just so right, things seem to change by the minute.Your garden is a little ahead of mine. I think I would love that tulip with 'black parrot'….I may buy some in the autumn for next year. Oh God I am talking next year already….I wish I would not do that.Don't you just love Alliums, they are one of my favourite plants.Thank goodness rabbits do not like them…..although they have eaten some of the wild garlic, so I am a little nervous……I watched a magpie take a mouse today…..something I hope I do not see again. Poor little thing was making the most horrendous noise……Lovely to see your spring delights.

  3. Hi Sue/Martyn,Some of the Daffs were planted last year but most I think must've been planted over Autumn/Winter so it can't be that they've multiplied…I love watching things grow, I'm quite obsessed with staring at plants and checking them daily to see how they've grown… Mmmm I'm making myself sound more crazy!

  4. Hi Daniela,Thank you very much, sadly the garden is not so great – a lot of work is still needed, it's quite a young garden still.I'd love it to mature in one year, sadly the reality is very different!

  5. Hi Frances,Spring is so exciting! I love looking back and noting the differences from year to year. I cannot believe the difference just a few months can make.I think perhaps the problem with the tulip is the combination with the Narcissi… I may like it more if it was combined with something more appropriate, perhaps Alliums, or something darker?

  6. Hi Cheryl,The words of a true obsessive! ha ha – thinking to the next year already! I'm the same… I try to stop myself… This year I wasn't supposed to buy or spend anything as I'm trying to save up… Yeah, that went out of the window!!I love Alliums – as you can tell by the sheer volume I have in such a small area… I haven't planned so well because they'll be flowering with nothing around them. They were meant to be purple lollipops towering above a sea of green… Mmmm. Oh well.

  7. Hi Lona,I still have lots of work to do with the spring blooms, but hopefully it will only get better! It seems like I have a lot, but there’s still far too much brown around the garden, hopefully I can rectify this problem in the future!I hope you have a wonderful week too and get plenty of work done in the garden 🙂

  8. Hi Kala,Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed them!I’ve fallen somewhat out of love with the bleeding hearts – this definitely needs rectifying. I think it’s a case of right plant, wrong place at the moment.

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