Sunday Safari

A little later than I had hoped for because photobucket was being a royal pain in the bum and wasn’t allowing me to upload my images…

At the moment I am in awe every day when I see how much things have changed simply overnight. Of course I am not complaining, but I am beginning to get worried that we’re on an extremely fast roller coaster into summer and the next thing we’ll know it’s Autumn again.
Perhaps it’s because we’ve finally had a prolonged period of warm, sunny weather and all the trees have exploded into blossom and leaf. Honestly, yesterday the view from my window was still mostly bare trees, some in blossom but today it’s a sea of acidic green – the wonderful colour of fresh leaves.

Today I have procrastinated once more, I know I ought to be planting and doing those little jobs I regularly put off, but today I’m going to enjoy the sunshine – even more so as we were due a day of rain. I might get a little done here and there, when I annoy myself enough…

Alpine Strawberry flower
Fleabane flower
Tulipa ‘Tennessee’, this is impossible to catch the colour. It’s a wonderful deep, velvet red.
Osmanthus with its fragile little flowers and strong scent.
Bleeding heart
Tulipa ‘Pink Impression’
Pink Impression fully open
Silver Chimes, another elegant small flower head with strong perfume.
Russian Dwarf Almond
Clematis Marjorie… Far too excited to see flowers…
This tulip has surprised me, it came in one of the spring bulb mixes, and it’s stunning!
My regular readers will know how little I appreciate yellow…
Purple Aquilegia
Pink Aquilegia
Some of the many spring pots…
Tennessee with Anemones covering the compost…
No idea what I’ll do for summer…


18 thoughts on “Sunday Safari

  1. the russian dwarf almond is stunning… the colours and your photos are all amazing… i just adore being in the garden… looking forward to seeing what pops up in your new border.happy sunday xx

  2. Hi Liz….those little white fleabane flowers look even better when they flush everso slightly pink…..I have noticed how the trees have leafed up very very quickly… talk acidic green, like euphorbias, yes!!I love your plantings, they are really striking…….I havn't even thought summer planting in pots yet……it has been slow in coming this sunny weather.I have to say that is one gorgeous little tulip….I am beginning to really enjoy some of the yellow blooms in my garden. Like you they have never really done it for me. This year I will have a lot more of this bright and sunny colour…..Happy Sunday…..enjoy.

  3. Hi Kyna,:) I’m no fan of the Osmanthus, waxy leaves do not survive long in my gardens, but it is worth it for the lovely little white flowers which do kick out quite a perfume!

  4. Hi Ginny,The Almond is wonderful, I do love its colour and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much blossom on it! I wonder if it’s the harsh winter or purely because it’s matured more now.I hope you have a lovely week, I hear we are in for more nice weather 🙂

  5. Hi Cheryl,I am really looking forward to the fleabane spreading around the garden, it’s such a pretty little plant and flowers for such a long time that it’s well worth having!I love the view out of our window at the moment, being able to see the nearby woodland and park with all the wonderful vibrant green… Spring is definitely my main season, by summer I’m tired and lagging behind! Autumn is even worse as I just don’t seem to have the ability to consider planting for all seasons. I’ve tried my best this year and hope to have them covered. Now I just need to work on plants for the shady areas.Have a wonderful week, no doubt much of it will be spent in the garden!

  6. Hi Amy,Thank you, I’m glad you liked the tulips. I have one large pot by our front steps and it’s packed full of daffodils in flower! Looks stunning. Again, I’m not so sure what I’ll do for summer though… I vaguely remember planting lots of bulbs in this large pot as I emptied others and the spring show has been amazing… There’s just no room left for summer plantings now!

  7. Hi Meredith,Thank you very much for the lovely compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed looking at my photos :)I’m also glad you particularly liked the Aquilegia, as it too was my favourite and I was considering saving it for a different post specifically dedicated to them.

  8. Hi Pam,Thank you very much!Sorry to hear you’ve had a rainy day, I am sure the tables will soon turn and I’ll be the one stuck in the house!

  9. Hi Kala,Thank you – glad you liked them!Bleeding hearts are lovely, especially in early spring when there’s little else in flower they really do brighten up the garden.

  10. Hi Liz 🙂 Great to be back!Gorgeous blooms throughout this post and I loved the capture of the Bleeding Heart, it really did look like it was bleeding! I love yellow, such a cheerful sunny colour. I too have noticed how everything has burst into life so quickly, there is always something special about the colour of the newly emerging leaves.

  11. Wow! Your post shows exactly why so many of us love spring! I am admiring bleeding heart more and more. I know it will go dormant for my summer, but I'm thinking it may be worth it for the spring flowers. Your tulips are so pretty. I like the combinations in your pots.

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