Common Carder?

Is this little bee a common Carder?

It’s too orange, I have lots of them around and they’re usually a softer orange… Or have a vibrant orange back but the tail is lighter…

Such an amazing colour!

Having lots of fun on our blackcurrant bush…
Plenty of flowers this year…
Hopefully leading to plenty of fruits.


18 thoughts on “Common Carder?

  1. Hi Liz….looks like one of the solitary bees to me. I know that sounds strange when you have so many but they will just be coming out of their winter quarters. I would guess a mason bee…..Mine have just left their tubes and the males are fighting at the moment waiting for the females to come out……Fabulous captures……

  2. I can't help you with the ID, but it seems your little gal was quite a model for you (I read somewhere that most worker bees are female? Am I right, do you know?).

  3. Hi Kyna,Thanks! :)It’s no major deal to me, as long as I have bumbling friends then I’m more than happy! I was just surprised to see one this colour…

  4. Hi CV,Thank you very much, as long as it’s pollinating my blackcurrants then I can live with the mystery of the Bee ;)I’ve had a look around on the net but nothing matches the solid orange colour… Must be some sort of solitary bee? Who knows??!

  5. Hi Cheryl,It does look very similar to the red mason bee, although they don’t seem to have the red thorax, but certainly the closest I’ll get so I’ll assume it’s the red mason bee :), thanks!

  6. Hi VW,Yep I believe most are indeed female – Usually it’s a Queen with her daughters or ‘Workers’.At least that’s the case for some, like bumblebees, I’m no expert though!

  7. A lovely little creature Liz, such a beautiful colour!I have just looked back at your new border post…oh my goodness! What hard work that was, I feel exhausted 🙂 So glad it was you and not me!!! 🙂 Seriously though it looks like you made a very good job of it and as it matures and you begin to reap the rewards it will all have been worth while.

  8. Hi Cheryl,I've no idea if they hibernate here… Urm… Maybe?I don't have a 'home' for them but I do leave lots of 'mess' for insects to hibernate in over winter so it is possible. I bought lots of bamboo last year and intended on cutting it and making little piles for the bees, only I ended up using it all as stakes for the Cosmos trees!

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