End of Month View – April 2010

Ooops, forgot again! The photos posted here are actually from earlier in the week, things have changed but not significantly enough to be unrecognisable…

Aquilegia – imagine an extra few days’ growth, they’re in flower now.
Kerria Japonica… This is in my neighbour’s but it’s growing through my privet hedge now, I ought to cut some off and put it in a vase…
True English Bluebell, or Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta. My favourite plant, so magical and holds a very special place in my heart. They come only in this wonderful blue-purple, any other colour and they are hybrids with Spanish Bluebells.
So this is where all my ‘Silver Chimes’ went! Ha ha. Yes this pot was basically a dumping ground for bulbs I emptied out of other pots…
Tulipa ‘Little Beauty’ and let me tell you, it does live up to its name!
Front left border… Very bare, I have some more Carex, Asters, Gaura and Verbena Bonariensis to go in here…
Left border, Dwarf Russian Almond, Rose and Pyracantha in the background. Dead Sweet Peas on fence need removing.
Front right border, Campanula, Fritillary and a pot which I intend to plant the contents in the front left border.
Allium ‘Purple Sensation’
Geranium, Verbena Bonariensis looking very dead, Aquilegia and Monkshood.
Pheasant’s Grass, Pheasant’s Tail Grass, Geranium, Astrantia, Aster, Carex and Irises.
Angel’s fising rod, Pyracantha, American Wisteria, Aubreita, Geranium, Sea Thrift… More to be added to hide the wood – Fleabane, Aubreita and Campanula. Not to sure that Dandelion was planned…
Tulipa Tennessee.
Crocosmia needs thinning out this year!!!
I have lots of seeds coming up now thanks to the recent good weather, I am most excited with my Black Hollyhock success and I also have an Angelica and some wild poppies coming up… Now I just need the Dierama to show up and I’ll be ecstatic!

Cosmos seedling
Sweet Rocket
Mixed Salad
Black Hollyhock.
Aquilegia, and Allium ‘purple sensation’
The large cherry next door is in full flower now… Shame they don’t last long.


15 thoughts on “End of Month View – April 2010

  1. Hi Liz…….it is amazing how warmer temps and a little bit of rain and everything shoots up.I love the white daffs and red tulips…..makes a pretty picture.My verbena bon. looked dead but they are up now….just poking through the soil. Yours may come back….they do seed around, so you may have some scattered about. I will keep my fingers crossed for your.BTW love that little tulip (can't remember it's name) but is is gorgeous.Hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend…..we have had rain on and off for the last two days, and I am loving it……

  2. Hi CV,The large pot by the front door has been a real surprise this year… I slightly remember packing it full of bulbs, but I didn't quite realise the full extent.However it had been stunning for the past month or so now, first it was packed with Irises and now the Daffodils and Tulips, very nice!

  3. Hi Rebecca,Thanks very much, glad you like the white and red combination – it's a total surprise to me, there's everything in that pot at the moment, red tulips, white Daffs, purple anemone, bluebells and violas! lol.

  4. Hi TM,Photoshop can work wonders on over-exposed shots.I've been having lots of trouble over winter/spring with the harsh light from the angle the sun is at… Sometimes my lens really doesn't like the light and it struggles, of course said photos are deleted.

  5. Hi Rosie,The weather has been surprisingly nice here today, I was expecting horrible weather all day but it was fine up until early evening.I'm sure the bad weather will soon set in though, it is Bank Holiday weekend after all!

  6. Hi Tammy,Thank you very much!It's great watching everything grow and the garden turn from brown to green and then a whole variety of different colours!

  7. Hi Cheryl,The Verbena Bonariensis still aren't showing signs of life, Hastata however are growing now, so I don't hold muh hope anymore…I bought three more and now wish I'd got more actually.I have some seeds, but haven't yet attempted to sow any.Rain didn't arrive here until around 5:30, before that it'd been bright sunshine and was actually very hot and I was grateful when some clouds appeared.

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